Pendulum Schmendulum-Why I Changed My Mind About Healing Tools

This episode is a continuation of aha moments gathered from studying with Raymon Grace. Check out my article 5 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Thoughts and podcast Confessions of a Dirty Mind to learn more about what I’ve learned.

The way Raymon uses pendulums has made me rethink my attitude and skepticism toward dowsing. It’s surprising how skeptical my nature can be when you consider my line of work. Since effectiveness is the measure of truth for me, I love to share measurable results when it comes to healing tools. I’m always up for having my mind blown to gain new perspectives. My recent findings and results from dowsing have been nothing short of mind blowing and I’m happy to share these practical healing suggestions that work.

My time away from recording the podcast while launching my first book has reinforced how much I love podcasting. It feels good to be back!

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