Podcast #9: Interview with Julie Wilson Gordon, Founder and President of BeTru Wellness

In this episode, Julie shares her story of healing and transformation. Julie speaks candidly about her health crisis wake up call and how she empowered herself to heal her life.

Learn about Julie’s unique way of changing the world and making lives better: promoting awareness and healing through strategic marketing and a style that’s all her own. She also discusses the challenges of entrepreneurship while being a single mom and how to break free from limiting belief systems that hold us back.

Learn more about Julie’s company and receive 15% off your first order when you use code: healingroom15 at www.betruwellness.com

The book the Julie refers to in the interview is Nature’s First Law by David Wolfe. Even though this is the book that started the journey for her, she likes to recommend some of his more recent books, if you are beginning to learn how to heal your body.
Check out The Sunfood Diet Success System and Eating for Beauty. You can learn more at www.davidwolfe.com

4 thoughts on “Podcast #9: Interview with Julie Wilson Gordon, Founder and President of BeTru Wellness

  1. I finally got to listen and I love this!!! Even though o know the whole story already, I was on the edge of my seat!! Love you both!

    1. Love you so much, Shanel! You have been right there with us through every step of our shared transformation! I love it that we have each other to grow with and learn about life side by side! So glad you like the podcast 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed the interview! Thanks for being so open & candid Julie. I see your natural healthy energy whenever I get the chance to see you & I wish I had that! This interview was very interesting & informative with the right amount of humor; great combo. I especially liked the part about 40 being ancient! Lol I remember, as a child, saying I didn’t want to live past 30 because that seemed so old! Now, on the year I’ll turn 50?, I’m hoping I live another 50 more! But I know I need to make changes in my “gas station” diet & wellness soon or I won’t get anywhere near that. Thanks for your inspiring words ladies. Well done!

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