4 Easy Ways to Treat Your Own Nervous System


Feeling Stressed? Here’s four easy ways to treat your own nervous system.

Massage therapists like me do more than relieve muscle tension for clients. One of the greatest services therapists and energy healers offer is getting clients out of fight or flight mode. The fight or flight response comes from sympathetic nervous system activation. In this episode, we discuss easy and affordable ways to de-stress when your nervous system needs help. There are so many easy ways to treat your nervous system and we just cover a few in this episode.  What works best when you feel stressed? I’d love to hear in the comments section how you flip that switch from fight or flight mode to rest and digest!

Show Notes

*I share my story of my family’s real deal fight or flight experience over the holidays and what I learned about our unique nervous systems.

*How to tell if your own nervous system is in need of a reboot.

*How I discovered that not everyone has the same go-to remedy for treating their nervous systems.

*Why deep breathing may not de-stress you.

*Easy and cost-effective methods for an immediate shift in times of stress.

*Herbal body oiling can calm your nerves in one minute. Apply a small amount of plant oil to the earlobes and keep it simple.

*Ingesting flower remedies is an easy way to calm down. Humans have always known intuitively that flowers make us feel better.

*PTSD symptoms can affect us all. The body does not qualify their importance. An experience that may seem trivial to us can be a huge deal to our bodies.

*Take your body on a sensory journey. Try different remedies for stress and see what works best for you.


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