I'm Here For The Healers (and that means you). Whether you are focused on healing your own life, being a healer at home or growing your professional practice, I've got you covered.

  • Online courses and ebooks to support your healing journey, personally and professionally.
  • Self care techniques for everyone.
  • Professional instruction, community and mentoring.


Welcome to my sacred online healing space! I'm so honored that you have chosen to spend time with me. After 23 years of private practice as a massage therapist, energy healer and wellness coach, I am bringing the healing experience to YOU, empowering you to be your own best healer. I'm here to light your path of self awareness and conscious living by offering the best self care reminders and healing techniques that I have found.

I'm passionate about supporting my fellow healers.

I want to help those who are interested in being a part of the true health care industry instead of the colossal dis-ease management industry. I create training programs that empower healing professionals to thrive in the business of feeling good.

My goal is to help healing practitioners remove blockages that keep them from taking their work to the world in a productive way. I help gifted healers remove obstacles that keep them from profiting from their skills.


My Blog

My blog articles offer easy and practical ways to take care of yourself and feel good. I'm always looking for resources that take your self care practice to the next level!


My Podcast

"Inside the Healing Room", delves deep into practical and effective ways of living an intentional, happy and healthy life. I hope you will tune in to hear inspiring interviews from healers and luminaries from all around the world who are living their lives on purpose and sharing life changing information.


My Products

I am constantly building new courses and offerings to help you reach your goals, whether you want to grow a lucrative healing practice or be a healer at home for your family. My online courses and e-books are desgined to support your own healing process or professional business.

I am passionate about creating and nurturing a strong community of healers who inspire each other while serving the world. As we empower ourselves to feel better, our lives become more meaningful and we can be a strong healing force for each other and the world. I look forward to helping you take your self care practice and/or professional healing practice to the next level!


My Story

I began my career as a massage therapist in 1995 with a dream to make my living by helping others feel better. Over the years, my professional practice grew as I learned more about the human energy field and mind-body connection.

I became fascinated with the how and why of healing. I've traveled the world studying and learning, in search of effective healing techniques. Feeling good has become my life's work. My clients have grown with me and taught me through their direct experiences on the treatment table. The decision to work with my hands and heart to sculpt a sacred experience for my clients has changed my life in so many beneficial ways.

I've shared in the healing journeys of thousands of people and now, I bring my healing room to YOU. My goal is to assist you in remembering that you need no middle man between you and your own healing ability. You are your own best healer and no, this fact doesn’t put professionals like me out of business.

On the contrary, my interest is to support and lift up healing professionals of all kinds to take their lives and practices to the next level. When you claim your sovereign right as your own healer, you move forward with the practitioners you work with and the benfefit is win-win.

Of course you'll still receive countless benefits receiving work from professional practitioners but the benefits you receive from others will be far greater if you are doing your own healing work between sessions. Self healing is also a more sustainable, time efficient and cost effective way to live..a true preventative health care plan that you give yourself.

I'm here to share what I’ve learned over two decades of healing my own life while empowering my clients to do the same. If you need your batteries recharged, you can find refreshment and inspiration in the sacred space I've created here. Enjoy!

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