Energy Healing Certification: Next Level Healer Training

Evangeline Hemrick Energy Healing

Energy healing is not what it used to be.

Everything about energy work is different since I began doing energy work in 1995, even our own energetic anatomy (charkas) have changed! Energy Healing Certification Training

I don’t teach modalities the way I was taught to do energy work. Polarity Therapy was the first technique I was introduced to back in massage school in the mid-nineties. Then, I fell in love with Reiki and received my Master/Teacher training and attunement in 2002.

For the next two decades, I was on an insatiable quest to learn everything I could about energy work from the brightest and best teachers.

Want to know why I don’t teach traditional Usui style Reiki anymore?

Listen to my podcast on Reiki here: How Reiki Changed My Life & Why I Don’t Teach Reiki Anymore

My Next Level Healer online training course will prepare you for self-healing as well as professional training to be an energy healer in today’s world. Ready to learn more about my course? I host all my online course content on Teachable.

Here’ s what we cover in the Next Level Healer Energy Healing Training Program:

The first six week online mentoring program will assist you in strengthening your intuition and enhancing energy awareness as you become your own healer. Classes are in-depth and interactive. This 6-week mentoring program is open to anyone who wishes to enhance their own high sense perception and energetic abilities.

  • Preparations and Protocols for Self-Healing Techniques
  • Body Intelligence: Grounding & Clearing Techniques, Dowsing Methods
  • Medical Intuitive Healing & Safely Working with Guides
  • Enhancing High Sense Perception through Energy Awareness
  • Chakra Function and Anatomy
  • Energy Field Levels 1-5 (Field Repair, Astral Implants, Overlays & Enhancements)
  • 5th Dimensional Healing: Soul Intention, DNA Codes and Ancestral Work
  • Merkaba Activation & Light Body Transmissions (6th Dimension Healing Spaces)
  • Introduction to Energy Healing Modalities: Reiki Levels 1 & 2, Huna Levels 1 ,Polarity Therapy and Healing Touch

Not everyone who completes the first six-week program will need or want to continue on through the additional six weeks of Coaching Certification and Energy Healing Training but there is so much more training available, if you want more! 


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