How Reiki Changed My Life & Why I Don’t Teach Reiki Anymore

How Reiki Changed My Life and Why I Don't Teach Reiki Anymore

The very first energy healing technique I ever learned was Polarity Therapy. After that, I was introduced to Reiki in 2001 and it rocked my world! I made it my life’s work to travel the planet in search of the best healers and learn everything I could about energy healing.

This is my story of how Reiki changed my life and why I don’t teach Reiki anymore.

So many energy healing modalities to choose from. Do you ever feel overwhelmed about what to learn?

I have been a certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher since 2003. I would guess that I’ve initiated around 100 students into the Reiki Healing Lineage. The path of the Reiki healer was a beautiful introduction into the world of energy healing for me.

These days, I have moved past teaching a lot of modalities but I incorporate all of them into my training in a very inclusive way. Techniques I work with and teach every day include Polarity Therapy, Huna Hawaiian energy healing, Healing Touch, Dowsing and some aspects of Usui Reiki.

Our energy field has changed

We are living in a very different timeline now than when I began to study all of this. Want to know more about the energy shifts we have experienced lately? Check out this podcast:

Fifth Dimension Ascension: What dimension are you experiencing?

Energy work now requires less effort, but more focus. I teach healers how to step into their abilities in a big way. You can check out my new Intuitive Development Coaching Program here:

There has been a huge shift recently for hands-on healers. Many practitioners are pivoting and finding resourceful ways to serve their clients remotely. Want to know more about how distance healing works? Here’s another podcast for you to enjoy: Distance Healing-Does it Really Work?



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