Fifth Dimension Ascension: What dimension are you experiencing?

Dimensional Shifts with Evangeline Hemrick

Are we in 3-D, 4-D or 5-D? The answer is all of these and then some.

We’re hearing a lot of talk about dimensional shifts, planetary convergence and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. But what does this really mean for YOU, personally, and how do you know what dimension you’re currently experiencing?

I was recently interviewed for a book about fifth dimensional women and I love the questions she brought up during the interview. I said if I had to sum up fifth dimensional experiences in one sentence, I would say 5-D is all about living in the synchronicity and sovereignty.

It’s not that synchronicities don’t happen in 3-D life, but they become the norm in the fifth dimensional experience. Personal sovereignty over our bodies, minds and emotions is the baseline of 5-D. In a 3-D, existence, it’s typical to give our power away, feeling separate and divided.

Keep in mind there’s no judgement when we speak about these vibrational states because we are ALL existing in all dimensions. Therapists and healers will get this because you know how many different kinds of states you can experience while doing a healing session. We are all multi-dimensional, holographic beings.

There’s no reason to judge our own vibrational state or anyone else’s because we hop into different dimensional realities al the time. My near death experience helped me to understand dimensions and how we operate within them.

Here’s a wonderful workbook to help you with your own ascension process-ALOHA: Ideals of Ascension Shamanism by, Dale Stacy

Dale and I enjoyed a great conversation about Ascension and operating in different dimensions on my other podcast, Inside the Healing Room. Check out the podcast interview here.

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