Ascension Shamanism with Dale Stacy


What exactly is ascension, anyway? In this interview with Dale Stacy, we unpack the concepts of ascension and modern shamanism.

“We are in the ascension process every time we feel love or do something for the greater good. Ascension can happen right here, right now. Once you learn how to identify your aha-moments, you can choose to infuse your life with love. Notice how things become clearer and life gets more peaceful.”-Dale Stacy

Dale’s latest book helps to demystify the ascension process and modern shamanic concepts. A.L.O.H.A.-Ideals of Ascension Shamanism highlights guiding perspectives for the modern Shaman who has prepared to transcend the 3D earth experience.

“It is a revelation to realize our experiences are brought to life by our thoughts and molded by our words, feelings and actions. The Infinite Choreography is fine-tuned to everyone’s magnetizing vibration to attract learning experiences individually and collectively. Every choice point thrusts us into a new dimension. With this cosmic understanding of the power we wield, we are responsible for our destiny, our happiness and the decisions act affect families, friends, world and ourselves. Shamanic focus and love can create anything.”-A.L.O.H.A. Ideals of Ascension Shamanism

Dale & Jeanne are the Abbots and Interfaith Ministers of Earthstar Spiritual Center in Greensboro, NC. They are teachers of mind/body/spirit classes in business, energy work, life coaching, meditation, Qi gong, tai chi and shamanism.

Are you ready to be the shaman of your life?

The world needs more empowered super heroes. Dale’s work in ascension shamanism helps each of us access our unique healing gifts and abilities. The book provides action steps that help each one of us identity our super powers. To learn more about Dale and Jeanne Stacy, connect with them on their Facebook page

Shamanic Support for Your Life

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