Intuitive Coaching Advanced Training & 1 :1 Sessions

I never saw myself as a “coach”…

Until my teachers Louise Hay and Patricia Crane changed all that! When I attended their Heal Your Life coaching certification program back in 2006, I realized I had been a coach all along.

Many therapists, healers and shamanic practitioners have resistance to the word coach, but this term literally means to carry someone from one place to another.

High performance coach Andrew Lawless taught me the German origin of the word “coach”. I appreciate the etymology of this word because  take our clients from where they are now to where they want to be in terms of their health goals and objectives.

Healers, THIS is our time to shine and I have the tools to get you there. 

My advanced coaching/training/mentoring program is like no other in the world. Join me as I weave together my twenty-seven year passion and global study of energy anatomy, intuitive healing and wellness coaching. This course give you tools to take your life AND your healing business to the next level.

Are you ready to be a Next Level Healer? Pre-requisite training for my coaching course is the first level of Next Level Healer: Energy Healing Training. In my online course container, you become proficient at energy work before coaching. The reason for this is: everything is energy work! Check out my prerequisite training course: Energy Healing Certification: Next Level Healer Training

*The main objective of this intensive training and certification program is to give each practitioner tools and skill sets that can be used anywhere, anytime. My goal is to empower healing professionals to continue to serve clients and thrive regardless of government mandates or potential health threats.” ~ Rev. Evangeline Hemrick

My coaching style is very unique. I suggest you try a coaching session with me first, if Intuitive Coaching is something you want to explore.

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