The Next Level Healer Intuitive Development Course Now open for registration

Evangeline has put so much care and love into every detail of her courses and it shows.

From the novice to the experienced healer, there is something for everyone to learn. Her courses teach basic principles that will take your practice to an exponential level. The Next Level Healer course brought me to tears of gratitude when I realized how insightful and powerful the information is. In one word, simply Amazing! I highly recommend it!”
~A Sams

Next Level

New Online Course: EXPANDING SACRED Shamanic Empowerment Program now open for registration

Are you ready to be the Shaman of your own life? My new online course and coaching program comes at the perfect time to put you in the driver’s seat of your own healing journey. 

Success in life is all about relationships-our relationship with ourselves, our Divine Creator and our connection with our family and community. Living an intentional life, wide awake, is even deeper than that. The more we tune in to the kingdoms of nature, the healthier and more intuitive we become.

God is speaking to us through all of creation, all the time. Our part in the relationship  is to pay attention, learn from nature and take inspired action when we receive guidance. But, how do you learn to listen? How do you quiet the noise and tune in to receive wisdom from nature?

This course is an opportunity to strengthen your connection to your inner wisdom. You can heal yourself through conscious connection and right relationship with all kingdoms.

Shamanic Empowerment

Week One

Planetary Cycles-How do you fit in?

What is a Shaman?

    • Why is it important to be your own healer now?
    • Safety, systems and protocols for shamanic work.
    • Why is shamanism relevant in modern times?
    • What are altered states of consciousness?
    • Meditation: Why it’s important and how to do it
    • Setting up your altar
    • Creating power objects

Week Two

Planetary Cycles-How do you fit in?

  • Understanding the dance of the planets
  • How do planetary cycles affect you?
  • Working with your own cycles
  • Introduction to your energetic blueprint
  • Star Meditation

Week Three

Plant Spirit Medicine-Healing Allies and Spiritual Guides from the Plant Kingdom

  • How to work with plant spirits
  • Plant Spirit Meditation

Week Four

Animal Totems-How to Find and Work with Your Spirit Animals

  • Messages from the animal kingdom
  • Spirit Animal Meditation

Week Five

Crystals and Gemstones-How to Utilize the Stone Kingdom

  • Rocks as allies
  • Healing with crystals
  • Stone Kingdom Meditation

Week Six

Ancestral Healing & Working with Our Family Lineage

  • Working with well ancestors
  • DNA Activation Meditation
  • Ancestral healing rituals
  • Communication and chakra cord clearing

Week Seven

Integration-Clearing, Ritual and Ceremony

  • Shamanic journeying on your own
  • Safe practices
  • Community for continued support
  • Self-Care for modern shamans


Register for EXPANDING SACRED here:

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