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In the middle of the pandemic shut down of 2020, while healing practitioners were not allowed to work and serve their clients, Evangeline closed Wellbiz, Inc. (her 19-year old S-Corporation) and established Evangeline Hemrick Ministries. 

My non-profit ministry is a spiritual organization with a strong mission.

As a massage therapist and energy worker for the past 27 years, I felt the need for professional support and spiritual restoration for healers and practitioners in service to humanity. 

My Evangeline Ministry offers monthly meditation services, ongoing classes, courses and podcasts to support and sustain healers along with 1:1 coaching/spiritual counseling sessions for the development of healers and world servers. 

Thank you for your tax-deductible donation to this charitable organization that serves the servers and heals the healers.

There is no other ministry quite like the Evangeline Ministry. Your donation helps my ministry produce podcasts, courses and sessions for practitioners who need support.

Reverend Evangeline Hemrick supporting Healers, Venmo link

Donate to Evangeline’s Ministries for Healers – thank you. If you prefer a link to sign in to your VENMO account: CLICK HERE.

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