The Big Mission of Evangeline Hemrick Ministries

Mission of Evangeline Hemrick Ministries, supporting growth and spiritual healing of healers

What is Evangeline Hemrick Ministries all about?

In the middle of the pandemic shut down of 2020, while healing practitioners were not allowed to work and serve their clients, Evangeline closed Wellbiz, Inc. (her 19-year old S-Corporation) and founded Evangeline Hemrick Ministries.

The mission of Evangeline Hemrick Ministries is a non-profit ministry is a spiritual organization with a strong mission. As a massage therapist and energy worker for the past twenty-seven years, Evangeline felt the need for professional support and spiritual restoration for healers and practitioners in service to humanity.

Evangeline’s ministry offers monthly meditation services, ongoing classes, courses & podcasts to support and sustain healers along with 1:1 coaching/spiritual counseling sessions for the development of healers as world servers.

Thank you for your tax-deductible donation to this charitable organization that serves the servers & heals the healers. There is no other ministry quite like Evangeline’s. Your donation helps her ministry produce podcasts, courses and sessions for practitioners who need support. Donate here through the ministry’s Venmo link.

Want to know more about Evangeline’s courses hosted on Teachable?

Check out her foundational course on shamanism here: Expanding Sacred and her Death Doula training program: Sacred Transitions

Read what graduates have to say about Evangeline’s courses here.

“Let’s talk about initiation. As practitioners, we are only as good as our lineage of teachers and the time we have taken to solidify our skills. No one can qualify us, since the terms Minister, Shaman, Coach, Healer and Death Doula are not regulated by state licensure.

This does provide an opportunity for shady dark shamans to manipulate unsuspecting and undiscerning clients. But the initiation you receive from Source to do true shamanic ministry work is not one that comes from a piece of paper or a training class. Yet again, we see the paradoxes that play out in the world of spiritual healing. My goal is for you to have the solid foundational training from me and your ordination comes from Spirit.”

~ Evangeline Hemrick

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