Mission of Evangeline Hemrick Ministries, supporting growth and spiritual healing of healers

The Big Mission of Evangeline Hemrick Ministries

What is Evangeline Hemrick Ministries all about? In the middle of the pandemic shut down of 2020, while healing practitioners were not allowed to work and serve their clients, Evangeline closed Wellbiz, Inc. (her 19-year old S-Corporation) and founded Evangeline Hemrick Ministries. The mission of Evangeline Hemrick Ministries is a non-profit ministry is a spiritual […]

Evangeline Hemrick Human Design

Transcending Past Lives, Human Design & Reincarnation Patterns


Join me for a peek into my private community coaching sessions. Calling all #shamans #deathdoulas and #energyhealers I’ve been speaking to my community constantly and creating content for the private mentoring and coaching group. After strengthening the foundation for the Next Level Healer group, it’s finally time to get back to podcasting and share my […]


Sacred Transitions Death Doula Training

Death doulas and end-of-life planners play a unique role in the holistic healing community. As we shift into 5-D consciousness coupled with energy awareness, Sacred Transitions Death Doula Training equips healers with tools & techniques for effective transition support. This online course contains six in-depth modules of self-study along with monthly live zoom classes and […]