Transcending Past Lives, Human Design & Reincarnation Patterns

Evangeline Hemrick Human Design

Join me for a peek into my private community coaching sessions. Calling all #shamans #deathdoulas and #energyhealers

I’ve been speaking to my community constantly and creating content for the private mentoring and coaching group. After strengthening the foundation for the Next Level Healer group, it’s finally time to get back to podcasting and share my message with the world.

If you would like an invite into my private mentoring group for healers on Facebook and Telegram, email me at for an invitation into my private coaching group.

In this episode, I’m speaking freely to community members who have already had training with me. If some of the topics I discuss here are new to you, here’s some more podcast episodes that will help familiarize you with terms and modalities I use.

Human Design

I was introduced to Human Design in 2009 and have used it in my coaching and healing sessions since then. In this episode, I’m exploring the possibility that we can transcend our energy blueprint as we continue to evolve. This is just a possibility I’m exploring, not a hard stance or fact. I’d love your thoughts in the comment section!

If you’re interested in exploring your own unique Human Design, check out this podcast interview with Kip Winsett, a Human Design Mentor. Check out: Human Design for Everyone


In Reiki energy healing training, we use the Sanskrit Medicine Buddha chant. I also incorporate the Christ energy when I call on the Medicine Buddha, who has transcend the reincarnation loop. Both Christ Consciousness and Tibetan Reiki principles teach that we do not have to stay stuck in a loop of reincarnating to work on “lessons”.

I have changed my perspective on Reiki and I don’t simply teach Reiki techniques anymore. If you want to learn more about my experience with Reiki healing, you can listen to this podcast episode: How Reiki Changed My Life and Why I Don’t Teach Reiki Healing Anymore

London Real Interview

David Icke is a very controversial fellow, but I’m sharing here my takeaways from his latest interview with Brian Rose. I’m passionate about learning and growing and I’ll never stop exploring with a curious mind. Let me make this clear. I share this interview in case you are curious about expanding your perspectives. I do not find this information to be negative or fearful because I walk with path of the shamanic practitioner and we embrace all of life. In shamanism, we stay inclusive to transcend, as Ken Wilbur taught.

Check out David Icke’s latest interview on London Real only if your own intuition and discernment calls you to this information.

ROSE/ICKE 7: The Trap – What It Is, How It Works, And How We Escape Its Illusions

Are you ready to explore the possibility that we can even up level how we die? My Death Doula course is open for enrollment and Sacred Transitions Death Doula Collective is a supportive space for you to explore serving humanity in an even greater capacity. We help people die well. Check out my Death Doula Training Course here.

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