Human Design for Everyone with Kip Winsett

Human Design for Everyone with Kip Winsett

Human Design is a Life Upgrade

“Human design is not a rule book. There’s nothing in Human Design that you have to try to do. This system makes it possible for us to be aware of ourselves on so many levels. This is like an owner’s manual that describes who you are and how you were genetically designed to be. As you become aware of your own integration, you become more whole. Human Design helps you develop a platform for successful, self-reflective consciousness. To be the very best you can be, you have to be aware of yourself.”

“Human Design lists and shows you how your behaviors are connected. You came genetically wired with certain behaviors, and these successful strategies have been used for thousands of years. Understanding these behaviors helps you watch the movie of your life.” -Kip Winsett, Human Design Mentor

Human Design Mentors

Kip Winsett has been a licensed Human Design Analyst since 2000. Check out the link in his Instagram bio to find the right report or consultation for you. Kip had his first mind-blowing reading with Chetan Parkyn. Check out my favorite Human Design book by Chetan Parkyn here:

Ra Uru Hu is the creator and founder of the Human Design System. You can learn more about this incredible teacher here:

My Human Design Journey

I was introduced to Human Design in 2010 and it has totally rocked my world and up-leveled my healing practice. Every relationship in my life (especially my relationship with myself) has been dramatically affected by my study of this valuable information.

Human Design is not something you study in one course and complete. I feel like this information unfolds for a lifetime, at least! I look at every client’s Human Design chart. It’s free to look up your own information. If you really want to learn more about WHY you are the way you are and why you interact with others in specific ways, check out your own free chart at

My favorite Human Design podcast:

There are many sites where you can download your free chart. Here’s another site I like and use regularly along with Chetan Parkyn’s book.

Further Exploration through Podcasts

Our discussion takes a turn when we delve into Kip’s peyote ceremony experience. To learn more about Plant Spirit Medicine, check out my podcast: How to Work With Plant Spirit Medicine

Another podcast that may interest you related to healing our ancestral trauma and genetic code: Healing Ancestral Trauma

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