Healing Ancestral Trauma


“What if I am the alchemist of my bloodline?” –Dr. Kelly Brogan 

  • Ancestral information is stored in the fifth level of the human energy field. The experiences of our ancestors are affecting our every day lives.
  • We have the potential to refine our DNA and change outcomes for our blood line.
  • We get to change the stories that are encoded in our bodies. We do not have to replay the same trauma over and over.
  • Our body parts may carry a story that is not relevant to our current life experience.
  • We not only carry physical attributes of our ancestors, we carry the energy imprints of experiences like war, poverty and rape in our organs.
  • Chances are, we all carry the energy of both oppressors and the oppressed. We can be internal peacemakers.
  • Every time we take inspired healing action, no matter how small, we have an effect on our entire blood line. Whenever we break a pattern or change a habit, every time we say an affirmation, we can affect our entire family.
  • You are the sum total of all the experiences of your ancestors. All of their stories are swirling around in this incredible container called your energy field.
  • Awareness is the first step in inter-generational healing. You need time, focus, imagination and intention in order to do ancestral healing.
  • Cultivating awareness of your ancestral lineage is a lot like doing medical intuitive work on yourself. Checking in with your own body assists you in noticing where trauma from the past might be held.
  • Many times our bodies hold the history of abuse that is not relevant to our current life experience.
  • Meditation is the key to building our intuitive muscle so we can be aware of what’s going on inside of us.
  • Connecting to the gifts and strengths the ancestors have to share with us through energy healing. I share the beautiful experiences I observe when clients are on the healing table-the dance of the ancestors.
  • Pay attention to what forms of entertainment trigger trauma in your body. I share my experience with Netflix shows like Outlander as well movies like Braveheart and how I decided to create a healing opportunity each time I’m triggered.



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How do you feel about the stories and experiences that are living in your body and energy field? The happy little fella in this photo is my grandfather Floyd. I just love this picture because to me, this image represents the good things that we carry in our genetic code like healing abilities, skill sets and other unique talents. Ancestral healing holds a tremendous opportunity for positive change in the present moment.