How to Work With Plant Spirit Medicine

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How to Work with Plant Spirit Medicine-An Introduction

Join me on a wild ride of being educated and transformed as I show you how to work with plant spirit medicine. In this podcast, I share how these wise plant energies teach me and help my clients when they show up in sessions.

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Educate yourself and get clear on the difference between flower essences, herbal oils, essential oils and herbal remedies. Flower essences are powerful healing tools for empaths and energetically sensitive people.

A Shaman once told me, “herbs heal the body, flowers heal the emotions, mushrooms and cacti heal the mind”.

Check out Elliott Cowan’s book Plant Spirit Medicine for more information.

You can start working with plants on an energetic level by incorporating flower essences in your work.

Check out for info on Back Flower Remedies

Practice strengthening your intuition by going on a flower essence product site that feels good to you and intuitively feel what flower would be right for you right now. Flower essences are like energy healing in a bottle. It’s very empowering to continue your energy healing by working with a plant at your own pace. I don’t have just one site that I use, but here’s a reputable one I can recommend:

For more information on Herbal Body Oiling, check out my favorite podcast:

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