Therapist on a Mission: Unstoppable Dr.Aaron LeBauer


Bridging the gap between physical therapy and massage therapy: creating a successful business by treating the whole person

Dr. Aaron LeBauer PT, DPT is is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Massage Therapist, and Baptiste Inspired Yoga Teacher.
He is the owner of LeBauer Physical Therapy with his wife Andra in Greensboro NC. After seeing 43 patients in one day as a physical therapy student, he knew he could not treat patients effectively in the insurance model.
He is on a mission to save 100 million people from unnecessary surgery and since 2013 through his coaching business, LeBauer Consulting, has helped 1000’s of passionate physical therapists’ launch similar businesses and scale their time, income and impact.

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Show notes:

*We discuss why many people feel their physical therapists have let them down and how Aaron empowers patients to heal themselves.

*Thinking outside of the box and strategizing non-touch therapies are producing beneficial results for clients.

*Self-care education and empowerment on social media is key for practitioners navigating our current situation.

*In order to share our gifts as healers, it’s important to cultivate strong business skills so we can get in front of people and educate potential clients.

*Aaron doesn’t heal people; he gives them the information and tools so they can fix themselves.

*We explore how therapists can be helpful and resourceful to their clients in multiple ways. Education is key.

*Words are more powerful than we realize. Patients will take on a personality around a diagnosis. As a patient, you are not your diagnosis. As a therapist, you carry a tremendous responsibility with the words you use. Therapists can hold clients back if we don’t use words that empower. Change outcomes by choosing different words.

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