True Calling: Career Support for Healers

True Calling Career advise for healersThis robust workbook that provides career support for healers was twenty-four years in the making

I’m here for the healers.

I am giving a little piece of my heart to the world with the launch of my first book! My passion is providing career support for healers. I like to lift healing practitioners up with inspiration and provide tools for self-care. My first book, True Calling, was twenty-four years in the making as I forged a career path in the healing arts. Every word in my first career guidebook comes from my deepest desire to help those who serve others.

True Calling started out as a workbook full of action steps and mindset exercises. Then, the book evolved into so much more than that. What began as a career guide became a supportive companion for self-care along with strategies for growing a healthy business of any kind. I wanted this book to be a special gift to anyone who wants to be a healer. Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a legit healer? Check out my article How To Identify A True Healer

A Behind the Scenes Look

This robust workbook provides career support for healers from my twenty-four years of experience. I have been on all sides of the wellness industry from spa owner to massage teacher and I’ve learned from my fair share of mistakes. I have also had a lot of triumphs as a holistic entrepreneur. Now’s the time to share my secrets for success as well as the challengesTrue Calling Career advise for healers I have encountered in this profession.

I wrote each chapter like I was talking to someone who desires to create their own business in the healing arts. That was easy to do because I have helped so many of my clients become successful healers over the years. This was truly a labor of love because I have so much passion for helping other gifted healers succeed. Most of this book was written right in my treatment room, where the magic happens.

My inspiration came mostly while working with clients. I would remember something that would give career support for healers because a particular situation with a client would spark my memory. In between clients, I would scribble down notes so that I could remember what I wanted to write later. On occasion, I would hibernate for a few days in an Air B and B, stay in my jammies all day and organize my content. My husband was a huge support in helping me bring the book to reality because he would care for our son and give me windows of uninterrupted time to be creative and focus.

“You can align your professional life with your soul’s purpose. We’re all born with innate healing abilities. These gifts aren’t just for a chosen few who are deemed worthy or talented by something outside of themselves. Healing work is available to anyone who’s up for the challenge. If you feel like you have a calling to help others through the power of touch, this career guidebook will take you through a step by step process of how to thrive and feel good while helping others.”-True Calling, The Successful Hands-On Healer

What I’ve Learned From Writing My First Book

I have wanted to write this book for so long; it’s hard to believe it’s finally real and in print instead of just in my head and heart! I knew it would be a learning experience to publish my first book, but I had no idea what a journey of self-realization the experience would provide for me personally. There’s nothing better to help hone your own craft than to teach others to do what you do. Every second I worked on this book afforded me the opportunity to refine my skills to become a better healer myself. The world needs more healers that are abundant, happy, healthy and successful. My purpose and passion is to support others to bring their best work to the treatment table. I love growing right alongside my fellow healers. Let me know what you think of the book and I hope you find it useful. I have a lot more books that live in my heart, just waiting to be born!



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