Reflections on My Book Launch

True Calling Book Release Evangeline Hemrick

The Book Release: Moments of Sweetness and Growth 

I’ve had some pretty heart opening reflections on my book launch already! The release of True Calling has made me brave. The entire process has called me to action and grown me in unexpected ways and I want to share these reflections on my book launch with you. I have learned that sharing something you’ve created from your heart can leave you feeling very vulnerable indeed. There’s been growth at every turn and I’m happy to say that the release of my first book has already been well worth it, considering all the love and support I’ve received.

I am moved to tears each time a client shows up for a session with my book in their hands, smiling and ready for me to sign their copy. It surprises me that some people have bought it. Sometimes I say, “Oh my goodness! You bought the book? I never expected you to buy it since it’s so specific to my niche and industry!” My clients have shown tremendous support for the work I am putting into the world and I am grateful. Ready for your copy of the book? Order your copy of True Calling here 

The Arrival of True Calling

My mom was with me when my first copy of the book arrived in the mail. She shared my excitement as we opened the book and examined the proof together. I had told her that I was cooking dinner for her (for a change) that night, since she always cooks for everyone! That evening while I cooked, she read my book out loud to me. It was the most heart centering, precious experience to hear her read out loud to me like when I was a child. The most magical part of it was that she was reading MY words back to me, helping me remember why I had written True Calling in the first place.

Over the last few months, I have been very mentally focused on all the logistical aspects of the book launch-the editing, layout, all those necessary action steps that keep me very “in my head”. But when my mom read my own words back to me, I was transported into my heart once again, remembering the love that I have infused into every word in this book! I remembered my passion to help healers succeed and my strong desire to help anyone who sees clients to stay strong, healthy and successful.

True Calling Book Launch with Friends

Lessons from a Launch Party 

When the proof copy arrived, I noticed that small details were not quite as I wanted them. I learned how color choices can look great on a digital proof but might look much darker in print. The cover of the book was ok, but I wasn’t thrilled with it. If I changed the cover, my big stack of author copies might not make it for my first signing event. I stayed up that night wondering what I should do. I asked myself, “Should I just sign off on the copy so I have the books on hand? Or should I wait and make the necessary changes so that I feel one hundred percent satisfied?”

The answer came clear to me the next morning. I realized I hadn’t poured countless hours into my book only to settle for less than a WOW experience. Since I wanted to be completely satisfied, I changed the cover photo colors. My big stack of books didn’t make it to my first book signing party. I laughed to myself when I realized I secretly hoped a lot of people didn’t show up to my launch party since I didn’t have many books yet!

But the night of the book signing ended up being perfect in every way. My friends and clients who came were all so excited for me. We laughed, we hugged and the night was a huge success. Clients and students playfully fought over the few copies that I had and my heart was so happy.

Surprising News

True Calling New Book by Evangeline Hemrick

As I walked to my car with a smile on my face after the event, I saw some big news on my phone.True Calling had made it to the #16 spot in the New Releases Best Sellers Massage Category on Amazon. Two days after the release, my first book made it to #1 in the Massage Category! The lesson for me in all of this was to stay true to myself and things will work out. I was so relieved that I hadn’t signed off on a book cover that was not exactly as I wanted. Staying in alignment with my truth allowed the event to flow exactly as it was meant to.

Being Brave Requires Vulnerability 

“Be brave. Without bravery, you will never know the world as richly as it longs to be known. Without bravery, your life will remain small-far smaller than you probably wanted your life to be.”-Elizabeth Gilbert

The biggest aha moment in these reflections on my book launch: sharing growth and creativity with the world is scary, but well worth it. I could have just stayed in my healing room, doing what I do best. I could stay small and comfortable but being creative pushes me and stretches me in beneficial ways. This whole process of releasing a book to the world makes me feel vulnerable and powerful at the same time. This book launch also reminded me of how much I love my clients and my former students. The relationships we make when we do healing work are forever, no matter how often we see each other. To learn more about what I’ve learned from the beautiful people I get to work with, check out my Podcast #2 on What My Clients Have Taught Me

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