True Calling Career advise for healersThis robust workbook that provides career support for healers was twenty-four years in the making

True Calling: Career Support for Healers

I’m here for the healers.

I am giving a little piece of my heart to the world with the launch of my first book! My passion is providing career support for healers. I like to lift healing practitioners up with inspiration and provide tools for self-care. My first book, True Calling, was twenty-four years in the making as I forged a career path in the healing arts. Every word in my first career guidebook comes from my deepest desire to help those who serve others.

True Calling started out as a workbook full of action steps and mindset exercises. Then, the book evolved into so much more than that. What began as a career guide became a supportive companion for self-care along with strategies for growing a healthy business of any kind. I wanted this book to be a special gift to anyone who wants to be a healer. Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a legit healer? Check out my article How To Identify A True Healer

A Behind the Scenes Look

This robust workbook provides career support for healers from my twenty-four years of experience. I have been on all sides of the wellness industry from spa owner to massage teacher and I’ve learned from my fair share of mistakes. I have also had a lot of triumphs as a holistic entrepreneur. Now’s the time to share my secrets for success as well as the challengesTrue Calling Career advise for healers I have encountered in this profession.

I wrote each chapter like I was talking to someone who desires to create their own business in the healing arts. That was easy to do because I have helped so many of my clients become successful healers over the years. This was truly a labor of love because I have so much passion for helping other gifted healers succeed. Most of this book was written right in my treatment room, where the magic happens.

My inspiration came mostly while working with clients. I would remember something that would give career support for healers because a particular situation with a client would spark my memory. In between clients, I would scribble down notes so that I could remember what I wanted to write later. On occasion, I would hibernate for a few days in an Air B and B, stay in my jammies all day and organize my content. My husband was a huge support in helping me bring the book to reality because he would care for our son and give me windows of uninterrupted time to be creative and focus.

“You can align your professional life with your soul’s purpose. We’re all born with innate healing abilities. These gifts aren’t just for a chosen few who are deemed worthy or talented by something outside of themselves. Healing work is available to anyone who’s up for the challenge. If you feel like you have a calling to help others through the power of touch, this career guidebook will take you through a step by step process of how to thrive and feel good while helping others.”-True Calling, The Successful Hands-On Healer

What I’ve Learned From Writing My First Book

I have wanted to write this book for so long; it’s hard to believe it’s finally real and in print instead of just in my head and heart! I knew it would be a learning experience to publish my first book, but I had no idea what a journey of self-realization the experience would provide for me personally. There’s nothing better to help hone your own craft than to teach others to do what you do. Every second I worked on this book afforded me the opportunity to refine my skills to become a better healer myself. The world needs more healers that are abundant, happy, healthy and successful. My purpose and passion is to support others to bring their best work to the treatment table. I love growing right alongside my fellow healers. Let me know what you think of the book and I hope you find it useful. I have a lot more books that live in my heart, just waiting to be born!



Finding Balance for Healing Evangeline Hemrick

Masculine and Feminine Energy-Finding the Balance

The Challenge of Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energy

We all possess both masculine and feminine energy. Balancing our masculine and feminine aspects can be challenging, but finding the balance of creativity and productivity is essential for well-being. Our body is like a battery with negative (receptive) and positive (outgoing) electrical currents. Taking time to understand how our energy field works makes life easier. Did you know that you have masculine and feminine aspects regardless of your gender or orientation? The left and right sides of your body can tell you a lot about how you use your energy. Polarity Therapy and Chinese medicine teach us how to pay attention to our bodies so that we can bring our energy field into balance. Paying attention to the right and left sides of our bodies assists healing and well-being. Want to learn more?

Check out this Daily OM article about Body Balance

What’s Your Energy Style?

Where do you see yourself on the spectrum of masculine and feminine energy? Do you tend to be more on the creative, idea forming, big-picture thinking side of things or are you more on the production, hustle, accomplishing goals end of the spectrum?  Both qualities are essential for a healthy, balanced life.

We all continuously course-correct to find the middle way in life because we each have our own unique blend of masculine and feminine qualities. Since life is a constant ebb and flow of energy, there is no static, perfect balance of yin and yang, male and female, light and dark. Each aspect must be embraced as we roll with the constant changes of life.

Do you tend to be on the nurturing, creative side of things or the solution-oriented, action-based side of life? You may already incorporate a beautiful balance of yang and yin qualities into your work and personal life. This is a goal that everyone can strive for: knowing when to use force and take action or when to yield and be soft.

Energetic Anatomy of Masculine and Feminine

The right side of the body controls the masculine aspects of our behavior. Body parts located on the right side are energetically responsible for giving, taking action and getting things done with dynamic leadership. The overall state of the organs on our right side have a direct correlation to masculine energy and how we use it. Take a moment to feel what giving and taking action feels like in your life right now.  Is it easy or difficult for you to be in a leadership role and get things done? Are you more comfortable giving than receiving? How physically active are you? How does masculine energy feel to you? Notice how these issues are processed in your body.

The left side of the body is responsible for the feminine aspects of our behavior. Feminine energy governs how we nurture ourselves along with our ability to tap into our intuition and creativity. Take a moment to check in. What does nurturing yourself and receiving self-care feel like to you? Is it easy for you to receive care, compliments and gifts? Are you more comfortable receiving or giving? How easy is it for you to be still and tap into your intuition? How often do you slow down and rest?

Your masculine side says, “I’m ready to take action.”
Your feminine side says, “I need to feel this out and tune in to my intuition.”

Find Balance with Internal Check-In

Imagine the energy currents in your body flowing easily, balanced from right to left and left to right. See your body being at ease and complete with both aspects of life: giving and receiving, goal setting and accomplishing tasks, taking action and enjoying rest, movement and stillness. Honor the light and shadow sides of yourself with harmony and equality.

Balance Masculine and Feminine Energy Evangeline Hemrick
Photo by Jared Rice

Your inner “Dad” and “Mom” are a part of your whole and healthy self. A healthy human has the perfect marriage of yin and yang within themselves. Each one of us has inner roles of father, mother, husband and wife to play. Our internal husband and wife aspects are here to make our lives work better. Take an assessment of which aspects need developing to make you better at what you do. Do you find yourself resistant to either the masculine or feminine aspects of life? Did the words Dad, Mom, father, mother, husband or wife bring up opportunities for you to go deeper into your own healing process? YOU get to define what your ultimate inner parent and spouse is like. Nothing external can define balance for you. Remember that any form of creation requires both the yin and yang aspects of nature.

Masculine/Feminine Balance is a Journey

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that balancing feminine and masculine energy for effectiveness is an ongoing process. Receiving Polarity Therapy sessions from a Registered Polarity Practitioner is a beneficial way to bring your body into balance. Listen to my latest podcast episode to find out how I work with both sides of my creative process and how I struggle with striking the balance. Podcast #15: Creativity vs Productivity-The Balance of Feminine and Masculine Energy

How to make the most of mercury retrograde by Evangeline Hemrick

How to Make the Most of Mercury Retrograde

What exactly is Mercury Retrograde and how does it affect YOU?

Mercury Retrograde affects your business and home life whether you know it or not. Three or four times a year, the planet Mercury speeds past Earth and moves in an unusual manner for about three weeks. Our second Mercury Retrograde of 2019 began on July 7 and will last until July 31. During these periods, communication and technology are greatly affected by these planetary movements.

While it’s true that planetary cycles have an influence on us, Mercury Retrograde gets a bad rap. These times of the year are just cycles of nature, like seasons. If we know how to utilize these periods, there’s nothing to dread. Make the most out of Mercury Retrograde by taking simple steps to stay aware and in tune with the changes.

Retrogrades offer a wonderful opportunity to slow down for self-care activities and reflection. Make the most of this period by purposefully scheduling down time during the next three weeks. July is the perfect time for a restful retrograde, especially if your business slows down because of clients’ summer travel schedules.

The Good News About Mercury Retrograde

The good news is this: YOU get to decide how your retrograde periods go and how you feel throughout the year. Make 2019 the year you strategically plan things differently. You can make the most of challenging times by staying in tune with yourself. Mercury Retrograde is going to work for you this time. Make this planetary influence your ally and work the planetary shifts like a boss. If you’d like to learn more about how Mercury Retrograde might affect things in your world, check out this article. 

What to DO during a Retrograde

A good way to remember what to do in a Mercury Retrograde: engage in any activity that starts with the letters RE. For example: rest, relaxation, renewal, retreat, reading, recharging your battery, reorganizing your closets—these are all perfect things to do in a retrograde! Retrogrades provide opportunities to finish those old projects you’ve started and never completed, while being a little gentler and softer with yourself and others.

Make note of when these periods begin and end in your planner so you can prepare wisely.

Highlight the days all the way through each retrograde to remind you to be easy on yourself and understanding of others throughout these weeks. Schedule in self-care activities and healing appointments for these days. Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to use personal days for meditation, yoga or spiritual retreats. Sure, these three or four times of the year aren’t favorable for some activities but they are perfect for extra self-care, time allotted for finishing up old projects, getting organized and resting.

Mercury Retrograde is Good for Business (If You’re a Healer)

If you’re in the healing and wellness profession, maximize on the business opportunity and income potential of Mercury Retrograde. Educate your clients on the importance of self-care and extra bodywork sessions during these periods. Prepare your clients in advance so that they, too, can benefit from these special times.

The opportunity that Mercury Retrograde provides can be profitable for meditation retreats, therapy practices, spa professionals, self-care educators, coaches, and more. Strategically prepare to serve your clients well during these times of intense stress at work. Remember, Mercury Retrograde can only work for you if you know how to effectively utilize the potential.

How to make the most of Mercury Retrograde

What NOT to do during Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrogrades are not easy times for starting new projects, communicating with others, signing contacts, hustling hard and pushing yourself at work. This doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve anything you want to accomplish during these times because believe me, I’ve done it. It only means that you’ll have a lot more resistance to deal with in order to reach your goals.

You might also miss out on profound opportunities for awareness and growth. I’ve hosted huge seminars and workshops, officiated weddings and launched new projects successfully during retrogrades but not without a lot of unnecessary wear and tear. Let’s just say I’ve proven to myself that I’d rather be in flow with nature from now on. (wink wink)

I don’t dread these times of year at all, and I don’t want you to be afraid of them either. They’re the best times ever for businesses like mine that focus on healing and wellness sessions or retreats. Sure, I might experience technology issues in my healing room with music or WIFI, but I don’t let that throw me because once the real work starts on the table, it’s all good.

Awareness is the secret ingredient to thriving during Retrogrades.

Each Mercury Retrograde period has a unique flavor and lessons depending on what other planets are affected by its movements. Retrogrades will affect you more or less depending on where they are stationed and how that positioning interacts with your own energetic blueprint and personality.

The key is to PAY ATTENTION to how you feel, and make adjustments in your schedule based on your needs at that time. We are not robots or machines that are meant to do the same exact thing every day, every season. Nature doesn’t work this way and we are a part of the natural world.

When we tune in to nature and get back in rhythm with life, things in our lives start to work much better.

You’ve already got one retrograde behind you for this year with two more to go. How are you going to make the most of it? Mercury retrograde is an opportunity to go within and focus on yourself in whatever way nurtures you best. Want some suggestions for ways to take care of yourself that won’t cost you a dime?

Check out my podcast #6: 12 Free Ways To Feel Better Right Now.



My name is Evangeline

My name is Evangeline.

My passion is helping others find their own callings and unique gifts of service to the world.

My name is Evangeline. Some of you know me as Angela. I am a busy mom, a business owner — and I am a healer. Over the years, many people have said to me, “You have found your true calling.” My passion is helping others find their own callings and unique gifts of service to the world. Throughout my journey as a massage therapist and energy healer, I have had so many conversations with individuals who want to leave behind unfulfilling jobs and create lives that they love.

Whether you’re healing your own life, being a healer at home or growing your professional practice, I’m here for you.

I’ve used Evangeline as my pen name for years… I always loved my birth name, Angela — but wasn’t crazy about my nickname “Angie.” Sometimes, transformation is triggered by and followed by, all sorts of life changes. That is what happened to me. I spent the last several years doing deep self-realization work on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Your name is a big deal and its impact on your life might surprise you.

After I changed my name, I intuitively decided to check out the numerology on my new name. Sure enough, a huge numerological upgrade was happening for me! My new name has the vibration of 8 which is a very spiritual number (symbol of infinity) along with abundance, prosperity and recognition.

I’d never given much thought to the meaning of names until I was introduced to Numerology, the ancient study of the numerical value in words and names.

Your given name is a possession that’s solely YOURS and it’s been with you from day one, affecting everything you do. Did you know that you carry power and potential in the numerical vibration of your own name? You have a certain destiny and life path number that was given to you when you acquired your name at birth. And you also have the choice of how you are represented in the world by the energy and intention you carry with the name you choose to use. The ancient science that explains all of this is called Numerology.

I’ve also made the effort to simplify my life in order to be more effective at the few things I wanted to do really well. Taking time to get clear has brought profound changes in how I communicate with the world and what I’m passionate about accomplishing while I’m here.

I want to have relationships and build community with people who are interested in making their lives better.

These changes in me are the reason for my new name and the catalyst for writing this blog, producing my podcast and creating my e-courses. I have realized that success in life is all about nurturing relationships — and that’s why I am reaching out and sharing with all of you. I want to have relationships and build community with people who are interested in making their lives better. The things I like to write about and discuss on my podcast are all related to living more intentionally and getting the most out of life.

My philosophy for a happy life is: Heal, Love, Serve.

I enjoy assisting others with unlocking their own healing potential and at the same time creating rewarding careers. I am such an advocate for self-care for every professional. The more self-care we schedule into our lives, the more effective we are at everything we do. But there is a special place in my heart for healers and I love teaching them how to take good care of themselves.

If you are new to my site, welcome to the community. As a thank you for taking the time to get to know me, enjoy these free tips for feeling good right now as a token of gratitude. I hope you find inspiration and support here — no matter where you are on your journey.

‘Tis The Season For Self Care! How to have the best holiday season ever

Take a moment to imagine how you have felt when Christmas is over in years past. Does this sound familiar to you?

Travel back in time with me for a moment…

The tree has been taken down, ornaments are neatly wrapped away and once again, a new year has begun.

Now that the celebrations have come to an end and it’s back to “busy-ness as usual”, how do you feel?

Are you refreshed and relaxed from time off of your normal work schedule? Did you have meaningful and sacred time with those you love?

If the answer is ‘yes’: congratulations for navigating through countless obligations, stressors and social situations like a boss while maintaining your own well-being!
If your answer is more like, “No, I always feel exhausted and depleted after the holidays! Even though I did so much and tried so hard, I don’t feel like I had a lot of quality time with those I love and I sure could use some more rest”. If this is how you have felt in the past, read on! I’ll share with you the secrets for having the best holiday season every time. This is your year to have the healthiest, happiest season ever.

Holidays are a great opportunity for personal growth and self awareness, if you’re rested and up for the task! Parties, gatherings and time with extended family holds a wealth of opportunities to see how you habitually fall into old patterns with the same people. This time of year can also brings up all our biggest issues and fears, like giving and receiving, family lineage issues (old, inherited destructive patterns) along with issues with time and stress management. Let this be the holiday season that changes it all for you!

This year you can look at certain situations you’ve always dreaded in the past as buried treasure that can help you discover who you truly are, not the habitual creatures we have been conditioned to be. You are radiant and beautiful and this holiday is your time to shine!

Before we go any further toward the holidays, give yourself an internal check-in:

  1. Ask yourself, “Where did I put my energy over the last holiday season and was that a good investment?”
    The attention and time you give to any external activity is an investment and
    you only have so much energy to spend, so make a list of where your time, effort and money went over the last holiday season. Is that where you want to spend your time, effort, attention and money again? What did you get out of these energetic investments? What made your heart smile and made you feel warm inside? Make a decision to budget your time and energy in order to create more heartfelt, meaningful moments that are worth the time you put in.
  2. Take inventory of self-inflicted, unnecessary stressors that are elective and make the choice to let them go…one by one. The people that really love you will love you no matter how much you decorate or cook. And, believe it or not, they probably don’t notice all the little things you do that make you stress out anyway. We all seen the stressed out host or hostess who is all stressed out about having a party, which should be fun, but it’s totally not for her and that makes it not fun for anyone else around her. The whole idea is to come together and build community and celebrate, but when there’s too much stressing about preparations, there’s not a lot of time for enjoyment and there’s certainly not a lot of time for enjoying the company of others.

Look at honest your to-do list. Who made all of these requirements on you? Does it really matter if you get everything on your list done? Does it really make a difference if everything looks perfect in your house or do you really have to cook that much food?

What if your family received a more relaxed and refreshed YOU and some of the decorations didn’t make it up or maybe some take out food was ordered and the real nourishment came from you being fully present and well rested to be with those you love? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to a family dinner or a dinner party with friends and felt like I didn’t get to be with the host or hostess at all, even though that was the person I came to be around! I know you all know the person who invites everyone over because they want all their loved ones to be together, but they run around stressing and distracted the entire evening or they are just too exhausted by the time the event happens to enjoy it themselves! You don’t have to be one of these people who is so tired and depleted by the time the holiday comes, you don’t even enjoy all your efforts.

My religious upbringing helped me with this-we didn’t get to do any holidays or traditions, so we were essentially free without all the have to’s and family obligations at the holidays. We usually went somewhere warm just to get away from it all, but now that I do celebrate the holidays, I’m careful not to let those made up burdens that aren’t real become part of my experience. And even when you don’t grow up being programmed into all the commercialism, wow is it easy to fall into!

Give the example of wanting to buy for my grown stepchildren and my adopted son Austin, there becomes this elective internal pressure of how many gifts and are they good enough and you can feel that push out in the stores, that pressure is there to consume and to try to prove something with material things and I just keep putting the brakes on that when I feel it creeping into me and I say Whoa! I never even had any of this in my life before, so let’s keep it joyful, let’s keep it meaningful, let’s not just buy stuff to be buying something. I love giving gifts from the heart that are well thought out, but it just amazes me how easy it is to fall into a trap of consumerism that’s unauthentic. And also to treat the decorating or festivities as a burden, if you haven’t had enough alone time and rest to be able to enjoy it.

Be present in every moment this holiday season, give yourself permission and freedom to do what you feel in every moment and have the best holiday season ever. This is elective and take it from me, not everybody does it, so if you’re choosing to be a part of something that’s totally not necessary, it better be fun and beneficial to you.

Ask yourself some tough questions

Why am I doing what I’m doing?

Am I on auto pilot, or is there a good reason why I’m using my time and energy this way?

What things could I take off my list to make room for more energy and time to spend with the ones I love?

Am I habitual with how I spend my energy over the holidays and do I keep doing things that don’t give me the desired feeling I want?

So what if you’ve always been the one to cook the family turkey and everyone expects you to do it? If one part of you likes doing it, but you don’t have the energy for it, create a self care strategy and give yourself a break this year.

Accept that disappointing others is inevitable. We humans have a tendency to not live fully present in the moment. When we are living in the future, we create expectations and expectations create disappointment. You can teach those you love that not only do you deserve to do what makes you feel good in each and every moment, they deserve to have the same freedom. Hold a visualization of everyone in your family taking care of themselves, doing what they want to in a very healthy way and imagine how different a family gathering would be with this reality!

When people come together simply because they want to be together and there are no expectations, something amazing happens and one name for it is ‘sangha’. Sure-schedules may get thrown off, certain people we love to see may not show up and there has to be an acceptance that whoever is with you is the right group at that time.

You have free will to create traditions that bring you joy, build your community and strengthen your family. You also have free will to let go of anything that is elective that doesn’t feel good anymore. Time honored traditions should only be honored with the time they deserve. I wish you a happy and healthy holiday with no guilt, no burdens and no made-up stress. Have fun this holiday season and let your family see another side of you-a more playful and refreshed version that knows about self care!