Interview with Evangeline: My Journey as a Healer

Evangeline Hemrick, author and Wellness Coach

This is a conversation about my journey as a healer, how I heal myself, what being clairvoyant is like, how I do my sessions and tons of other topics I hope you find useful.

While Carrie Hamilton and I were enjoying creative time together, she turned the tables and interviewed me. I had so much fun being in the “guest spot” as she asked me deep questions that made me think about why I’m so passionate to write and speak about energy awareness and self-care.

In this episode, we discuss how massage school cracked me wide open in 1995 and activated my dormant clairvoyant abilities. I remember seeing energy around humans, animals and plants until I was nine years old. Massage therapy school was like the gateway that opened up many healing opportunities and levels of energetic awareness.

We talk about my first book, True Calling, and why I wrote this career guide book for healers FIRST, since I have so many books I want to create. I explain why I’m so passionate about helping any kind of practitioner that works with clients avoid burnout and thrive. Read more about why I’m so into supporting healers in my article: True Calling: Career Support for Healers

Show Notes:

*Receiving bodywork for the first time at age sixteen and how that experience changed my life

*What happened when I started re-engaging with my clairvoyant abilities in massage school

*How my sessions became more than just a massage

*What I learned as a spa owner, massage teacher and Reiki teacher

*My surprisingly skeptical nature and how direct experience has always been my teacher

*How learning how to be safe in my body and becoming grounded helped me heal chronic reproductive dis-eases

*What it means to be “in your body”

*Why ungrounded individuals have a lot of financial and health challenges

*How the clients who are brave enough to learn to be with themselves are the ones that make positive changes

*How a therapist can discern what information a client is ready to receive

*What a typical healing session with me is like

*Developing energetic boundaries

*How to deal with shady light workers and manipulative intuition

*Managing your gifts and practicing spiritual hygiene with good manners

*Why no one else can do the healing work that you can do

*There’s no competition in healing work

*Having authenticity at all costs

*Why we all need a clearing ritual


Read my book here: True Calling: The Successful Hands-on Healer

Thank you Carrie Hamilton of XO Wellness for interviewing me!

Check out the book that started it all for me: Barbara Brennan’s Hands of Light.

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