Masculine and Feminine Energy-Finding the Balance

Finding Balance for Healing Evangeline Hemrick

The Challenge of Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energy

We all possess both masculine and feminine energy. Balancing our masculine and feminine aspects can be challenging, but finding the balance of creativity and productivity is essential for well-being. Our body is like a battery with negative (receptive) and positive (outgoing) electrical currents. Taking time to understand how our energy field works makes life easier. Did you know that you have masculine and feminine aspects regardless of your gender or orientation? The left and right sides of your body can tell you a lot about how you use your energy. Polarity Therapy and Chinese medicine teach us how to pay attention to our bodies so that we can bring our energy field into balance. Paying attention to the right and left sides of our bodies assists healing and well-being. Want to learn more?

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What’s Your Energy Style?

Where do you see yourself on the spectrum of masculine and feminine energy? Do you tend to be more on the creative, idea forming, big-picture thinking side of things or are you more on the production, hustle, accomplishing goals end of the spectrum?  Both qualities are essential for a healthy, balanced life.

We all continuously course-correct to find the middle way in life because we each have our own unique blend of masculine and feminine qualities. Since life is a constant ebb and flow of energy, there is no static, perfect balance of yin and yang, male and female, light and dark. Each aspect must be embraced as we roll with the constant changes of life.

Do you tend to be on the nurturing, creative side of things or the solution-oriented, action-based side of life? You may already incorporate a beautiful balance of yang and yin qualities into your work and personal life. This is a goal that everyone can strive for: knowing when to use force and take action or when to yield and be soft.

Energetic Anatomy of Masculine and Feminine

The right side of the body controls the masculine aspects of our behavior. Body parts located on the right side are energetically responsible for giving, taking action and getting things done with dynamic leadership. The overall state of the organs on our right side have a direct correlation to masculine energy and how we use it. Take a moment to feel what giving and taking action feels like in your life right now.  Is it easy or difficult for you to be in a leadership role and get things done? Are you more comfortable giving than receiving? How physically active are you? How does masculine energy feel to you? Notice how these issues are processed in your body.

The left side of the body is responsible for the feminine aspects of our behavior. Feminine energy governs how we nurture ourselves along with our ability to tap into our intuition and creativity. Take a moment to check in. What does nurturing yourself and receiving self-care feel like to you? Is it easy for you to receive care, compliments and gifts? Are you more comfortable receiving or giving? How easy is it for you to be still and tap into your intuition? How often do you slow down and rest?

Your masculine side says, “I’m ready to take action.”
Your feminine side says, “I need to feel this out and tune in to my intuition.”

Find Balance with Internal Check-In

Imagine the energy currents in your body flowing easily, balanced from right to left and left to right. See your body being at ease and complete with both aspects of life: giving and receiving, goal setting and accomplishing tasks, taking action and enjoying rest, movement and stillness. Honor the light and shadow sides of yourself with harmony and equality.

Balance Masculine and Feminine Energy Evangeline Hemrick
Photo by Jared Rice

Your inner “Dad” and “Mom” are a part of your whole and healthy self. A healthy human has the perfect marriage of yin and yang within themselves. Each one of us has inner roles of father, mother, husband and wife to play. Our internal husband and wife aspects are here to make our lives work better. Take an assessment of which aspects need developing to make you better at what you do. Do you find yourself resistant to either the masculine or feminine aspects of life? Did the words Dad, Mom, father, mother, husband or wife bring up opportunities for you to go deeper into your own healing process? YOU get to define what your ultimate inner parent and spouse is like. Nothing external can define balance for you. Remember that any form of creation requires both the yin and yang aspects of nature.

Masculine/Feminine Balance is a Journey

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that balancing feminine and masculine energy for effectiveness is an ongoing process. Receiving Polarity Therapy sessions from a Registered Polarity Practitioner is a beneficial way to bring your body into balance. Listen to my latest podcast episode to find out how I work with both sides of my creative process and how I struggle with striking the balance. Podcast #15: Creativity vs Productivity-The Balance of Feminine and Masculine Energy

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