Sacred Transitions Death Doula Training

Death doulas and end-of-life planners play a unique role in the holistic healing community. As we shift into 5-D consciousness coupled with energy awareness, Sacred Transitions Death Doula Training equips healers with tools & techniques for effective transition support. This online course contains six in-depth modules of self-study along with monthly live zoom classes and […]

Evangeline Hemrick Energy Healing

Energy Healing Certification: Next Level Healer Training

Energy healing is not what it used to be. Everything about energy work is different since I began doing energy work in 1995, even our own energetic anatomy (charkas) have changed! Energy Healing Certification Training I don’t teach modalities the way I was taught to do energy work. Polarity Therapy was the first technique I […]

Shamanic Practitioner Training - Expanding Sacred

Shamanic Practitioner Training – Expanding Sacred

Expanding Sacred A virtual retreat and seven-week course in relevant Shamanic practices for next-level healers. Bring Shamanism into your daily life with action steps, ceremony, meditations and healing rituals. Success in life is all about relationships-our relationship with ourselves, our Divine Creator and our connection with our family and community. Living an intentional life, wide […]

Evangeline Hemrick - online and live intuitive healer training and certification

Intuitive Coaching Advanced Training & 1 :1 Sessions

I never saw myself as a “coach”… Until my teachers Louise Hay and Patricia Crane changed all that! When I attended their Heal Your Life coaching certification program back in 2006, I realized I had been a coach all along. Many therapists, healers and shamanic practitioners have resistance to the word coach, but this term […]