Heart-Centered Entrepreneurship with Massage Therapist Felicia Brown

Heart-Centered Entrepreneur: Massage Therapist Felicia Brown

Interview with Felicia Brown: Owner of A to Zen Massage, Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, Speaker and Consultant

Felicia Brown bravely sets standards of excellence in the massage therapy community. She gave me my second job opportunity as a new massage therapist way back in 1996. What an honor to interview someone I have always respected. Felicia is a trailblazer and leader in the massage industry. As a writer, speaker and consultant, she inspires massage therapists all over the world to make a difference.

Felicia has been a massage therapist and heart-centered entrepreneur since 1994. She owns A to Zen Massage, an award-winning wellness spa in Greensboro, NC. She speaks and writes about business, marketing, professionalism, empowerment and self-care at events around the globe. As a natural mentor and motivator, Felicia works with select individuals and companies needing targeted inspiration, creative empowerment and thoughtful guidance to achieve their goals. Felicia is also a best-selling author or co-author of many books including Break Through: Wisdom of the Soul which features her story Quacking Up in which she shares how a group of rubber ducks helped her overcome anxiety and depression during the pandemic shutdown.  

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