The Healer’s Journey: Carrie Hamilton of XO Wellness


Curious about Homeopathy and Remote Energy Healing?

Even though I’ve been a holistic healer for twenty-five years and I’m a huge fan of flower essences, I never really understood how homeopathy works.

Carrie Hamilton of XO Wellness explained homeopathy to me and it all finally made sense. I went from feeling overwhelmed by the homeopathic remedy names (that sounded like Harry Potter spells) to now being the proud owner of a basic homeopathy. Carrie has empowered me to become a better healer at home to my family and friends with simple homeopathic remedies. Another amazing thing about Carrie is that her business was the first sponsor of this podcast. I am forever grateful to her for all the support and education she has given me. Without her, this show would have never happened. Thank you for all your guidance and love, Carrie!

The Healer’s Journey: Carrie’s Healing Story

This interview is Part 1 of our conversation about Carrie’s personal and professional healing journey. She has quite an interesting healing story of her own. Carrie explains what a homeopathy session is like and how she infuses energy healing and intuitive life guidance into her remote sessions.

Part 1 of the interview wasn’t supposed to end so abruptly, but it leaves a cliffhanger for Part 2. I hope you check out my Patreon page for a bonus Part 2 of the interview. My Patreon page offer exclusive podcasts, downloads and ebooks for my podcast supporters.  Carrie is offering some amazing offers for personal sessions, consultation and custom essences exclusively for podcast supporters on Patreon through April 30.

Topics we discuss in the interview:

*What exactly IS homeopathy?

*How to hold space for your clients: do your own healing work, know your limits and know when to refer out.

*Symptoms are the language of the body.

*The difference between an herbalist and a homeopath

*What is the difference between flower essences and homeopathic remedies?

*How to work with flower essences AND homeopathic remedies

*What is a remote session with a homeopath/energy healer like?

*Why it’s important for holistic healer to bring their whole tool box to the session: from traditional protocols to intuitive energy work

*How sharing our story is an essential part of a healing treatment

*Remote sessions and the gift of technology

*Flower essences connect us to the plant realm on a higher level.

*A good healer has a relationship will all kingdoms of life. Crystals, color, light, sound and gem essences are there to for us when we’re ready for them.

*How gemstones support certain organs and body parts and the process of creating custom healing jewelry.

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