How to Pivot and Thrive with Skincare Entrepreneur Katie Veazey


Katie is my favorite entrepreneur boss babe. In this interview, she shares her wisdom on how to pivot and thrive in uncertain times.

Katie Veazey is the owner of and co-owner of

We’ve been working side-by-side since 2003. I observed carefully how Katie treated people every step of the way to success. Katie knew how to adapt, grow and change with the times. These are essential skills for survival in the massage therapy and skin care industry right now. Sharing space with Katie through the years while dealing with every imaginable scenario together has taught me so much.

Seeing clients alongside Katie has been a true joy because she puts her heart and soul into everything she does. This is why she’s so successful in the skin care and makeup industry: she’s full of gratitude, hustle and drive. I worked with so many estheticians throughout  my career but I knew this lady had that special “it factor”.

Seventeen years later, Katie shares her secrets for success with you. I’ve also been a licensed esthetician since 1998, but as my massage therapy and energy healing practice grew, Katie took over the skin care needs of our shared clients while I focused on healing. I’m so passionate to share our story about how we made it through times of uncertainty together because I want to lift professionals up in our industry, As skin care businesses start to reopen after the shut down, THIS is the perfect opportunity to assess what is not working in your holistic service business and make some positive changes.

Katie knows that my dream has been to coach holistic healers, massage therapists and skin care professionals. I want to help holistic entrepreneurs create businesses that keep them happy and healthy. I wrote my book, True Calling, to help my fellow spa professionals and holistic practitioners create success on their own terms. Check out my paperback and ebook on Amazon to find more tips on self-care for my skin care friends and cosmetologists.

Read more about why I wrote this book and how it can help you: True Calling-Support for Healers 

What a joy to share my roomie, my partner in crime over the last seventeen years with you!