How to Be a Next-Level Healer with Gregory Cartwright


Gregory Cartwright shares his secrets for offering world class spa treatments and creating a holistic healing business on your own terms.

As the co-owner of Koru Touch, Inc. in Winston-Salem, NC, Gregory has created something far greater than your average day spa. He and his partner Ray have succeeded in providing a true healing space instead of an assembly line beauty treatment experience. Check out their unique offerings at

Greg chose the name for their spa after traveling to New Zealand and becoming fascinated with Maori culture. The koru, a beautiful spiral fern, was the perfect representation for this healing arts business in NC. Koru represents rebirth, wisdom, growth and strength.

Gregory is a licensed massage therapist and licensed esthetician holding multiple licenses and certifications from top holistic educators around the world. He offers organic “farm to face” facial treatments using Laurel Organic Skin Products. I am so fascinated with the potency and high vibration of these products. We discuss how this skin care line is true plant medicine and far more than a beauty product.

Get inspired about offering extraordinary treatments instead of your average massage or facial. Gregory explains his own healing journey and how to be a next-level healer.

In this interview, we discuss the challenges of spa ownership and the importance of self-care for therapists and estheticians. Gregory is an inspiration for any massage therapist or spa professional who wants to:

*stay on top of their professional game and grow their business

*offer the finest treatments, continuing to provide education and resources to clients

*grow alongside their clients and keep expanding knowledge of holistic healing

*thrive in service to others, creating a healing practice that heals the practitioner

*navigate the challenges of the new normal in the spa industry

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