Ascension Symptoms, Consciousness & Liberation with Kemper Kaliana


Nourishment for the Soul

Kemper Kaliana is a self-proclaimed connoisseur of consciousness, a pioneer of his own inner world. Kemper is a committed traveler on the road of true transformation, healing, evolution, and liberation. Through many years of study and practice in lineages of ancient wisdom and healing arts, he has overcome addiction, mental illness, and many other sources of greatly burdensome turmoil and suffering. 

I have known Kemper for many years and we have explored energy medicine and self-healing techniques in depth. Many of you have asked me questions about “ascension symptoms” as our bodies are adjusting to new energy and higher frequencies. This podcast will interest you especially if you have experienced a healing crisis on your  path of awakening.

It has been my honor to watch this beautiful being grow, heal and serve humanity. Join us as we share a heart-centered conversation about overcoming obstacles on our unique path to spiritual fulfillment.

Waking up to a path of service

Having given himself to the service of humanity since he was a child, he has now developed a neatly packaged, easy to follow system to deliver and transmit the same results that he has found to others through yoga, meditation, and the many-faceted discipline of self-inquiry. He has published three books (with the fourth on the way) that not only document his story and how he “got to where he is,” but also lay out a clear path for others to follow.

Besides assisting his students in this process and his own continued interior journey, the joy of his heart is the life he lives with his wife Christy on their beautiful nine acres of off-grid paradise in the “middle-o’-nowhere” Crestone, CO. Kemper and Christy have proudly established The Kaliana Center of Consciousness non-profit organization as a beacon of truth in their community and a light unto the world.

“The place God calls you is to the place where your deep gladness and the world’s hunger meet.”-Frederick Buechner

Meditation, Yoga and the Interior Life

The Unnamed Kaliana Way, which is how he refers to what he teaches, can be explored through various formats:

  • Online Yoga & Meditation Instruction (live and pre-recorded options)
  • In-Studio Yoga & Meditation Instruction (during non-Covid times)
  • Online & On-Location Yoga & Meditation Retreats
  • Guided One-On-One Intensive Study
  • Multimedia – Videos, Audios, Books, Interactive Workbooks, Podcast coming soon

Kaliana Center for Consciousness Evangeline Hemrick

The best way to get started working with Kemper is to email him at 

Other ways to connect:

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