(Live Recorded Talk):Be Your Own Healer, Transmute and Harmonize to Stay Resilient

Evangeline Hemrick Podcast Next Level Healer

Your energy field belongs to you and it will work miracles for you, if you just learn how to use it.

This podcast is a recording of a talk I gave for a group of Medical Freedom Fighters. I actually forgot about this little twenty-minute talk and then came across it while looking for empowering tutorials on reclaiming our power.

Our emotional energy is weaponized against us when we don’t know how to tune into our emotions as a power generator.

I teach energy healing techniques and energetic anatomy. Join me in the empowerment of knowing how to self-heal. This is your birthright.

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Even though you can’t see the images I refer to in this talk, please use your imagination as the God-given healing tool it is! You need three things to do energy healing on yourself or someone else: proper breathing techniques, imagination and heart-centered intention. Don’t let anyone take these healing tools away from you.

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