Empaths & Healers: Stay connected and grounded

Evangeline Hemrick Podcast Empaths and Healers Stay Connected and Grounded

You came here to help.

Healers: remember who you are, why you came here and what your soul is here to do.

Stay empowered, loving, sovereign, blessed, divinely guided, intuitive and in service to life.

When lower energies attempt to pull you into the 3-D drama matrix, don’t fall into the trap. Lift your head up, move your body, breathe deeply, center yourself in your heart, feel the strength of your soul and keep being the light you came here to be.

How can we up level our path of service in this new energy we are experiencing? Now would be a great time to sink deeply into your meditation practice. I have included a small guided meditation for you at the end of this episode. Enjoy!

Want some more encouragement?

Check out Episode 22 where Phillip Ward and I discuss having a healing crisis and waking up Enjoy the interview here.

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