Living Naturally in a Synthetic World


This episode is about my attempt at living naturally in a synthetic world. I’m wondering if any of you out there are dealing with the same struggles?

As a child of the seventies, my nose has been dumbed down, tricked into thinking harmful chemicals are clean or sexy.
I remember flipping through the pages of my mom’s Vogue magazines to get to the perfume samples. I would tear open the page with the perfume strip like it was Christmas morning and then…the rapture of a chemical nosegasm.

When I became a bodyworker and made friends in the healing arts community, I noticed how many people were sensitive to perfumes and detergents, but not me. After years of living more naturally, my senses are returning to their senses. Living naturally in a synthetic world IS possible, but it takes time and support!

In this episode, I discuss how misinformed my brain has been about chemical scents. Since I got married and adopted a child, the struggle to stay natural and keep our home healthy is REAL.


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