Pendulum Schmendulum-Why I Changed My Mind About Healing Tools


As a healer, I’ve never been interested in using a lot of “stuff” when it comes to making positive changes. I like to travel light and I was always turned off by pendulums because I misunderstood how to effectively use them. I thought using pendulums was like asking an 8-ball questions, a sort of spiritual laziness. Once I learned about Raymon Grace and his dowsing techniques, I changed my mind about the benefits of using pendulums, when handled properly. If you haven’t checked out my podcast called Confessions of a Dirty Mind, that episode will fill you in on Part 1 of what I have learned from Raymon Grace.

Highlights from the Show: 

*Energy is neither positive or negative. We assign value or judgement to energy. Dowsing helps you neutralize non-beneficial energy so you can take that potential like a lump of clay and work with it.

*Dowsing can include anything from finding water to measuring energy and accessing intuition.

*You do not need a pendulum to measure energy. You can use your own body to do this work if you are clear and your vibration is high enough. But while you are working on accessing your intuition and becoming your own finely tuned instrument, a pendulum can really help.

*When it comes to power objects and healing tools, focus on what makes you feel good. Be empowered to make a positive change in any situation, no matter what you have at your disposal. Objects used in healing should enhance your intention.

*The right healing tools including gemstones, power objects and pendulums will easily come into your life at the right time, if you’re paying attention.

*You can ask medical intuitive check-in questions about what frequencies and emotions your body is currently holding.

*Dowsing is like taking a shower. The effects won’t last forever. This technique is like “shampoo, rinse, repeat.”

*Never underestimate how your loved ones might respond as you learn more about healing and energy. The more I have let go and allowed myself to have my own learning experience, the more it has opened up the sweet opportunity for my family to share in this experience with me.

*We have the power to neutralize any energy that is non-beneficial for our bodies and our spaces.


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