Sacred Geomancy: Our Tree Release Ceremony


Show Notes:

In this episode, I invite you to explore using sacred geomancy and shamanic ceremony for land healing. I share the story of how I’m gently coming into relationship with the land my husband and I recently acquired. We manifested this land in a very serendipitous way and the struggle of clearing trees to make way for our future home has been heavy on my heart. I enlisted the help of fellow shaman Susannah Ravenswing for much needed support and also to learn from her lineage and traditions.

I discuss the importance for healers and spiritual leaders to call on each other for support and how there is tremendous strength in asking for help, when needed. Healers need each other and I find way too often gifted healers stay isolated in their own corners and do not reach out for assistance when they need it. Healing professionals, shamanic practitioners and medicine people gain power and strength collectively by being there for each other. I was so enriched  by the ceremony and experience Susannah brought to my land. I am so grateful to have a team of competent healers and teachers around me. We grow in service to each other.

An artist friend of mine, who is very connected to plants and explores the natural world in her artwork, offered support during this tender time of releasing trees. Emily Clare  suggested that I gather leaves, flowers, bark and even dirt from the area around the trees that must be released from the land. She will create artwork that will preserve the beauty and energy of these sweet trees in another form. How wonderful it will be to enjoy this artwork in our home and keep the energy of the trees with us.

Highlights from this episode:

*Establishing a connection with a piece of land is just like having a relationship with another human-it takes effort, time and patience.


*Communication is everything-whether practicing land geomancy, doing medical intuitive work on your own body or cultivating healthy relationships of any kind.

*In this podcast, I talk about the importance of shamanic ceremony for the health of the land along with tree and plant spirits. When I connected to the trees, it felt similar to working with  the variety of personalities and roles that humans play in any community.
*I discuss how I work with plants spirit medicine in my healing room and how Susannah’s sacred geomancy work inspired me to work more with physical trees and plants.
*When land has experienced trauma, a one time occurrence of sacred geomancy and shamanic ceremony does not fix the problem. A ceremony or ritual is the beginning of a healing journey and a long term relationship.
*I received confirmation from Raymon Grace that my dowsing results were correct. Our land has been severely traumatized and it will take time to restore the health and vitality of this ecosystem. I touch on using dowsing techniques to clean up energetic imprints on land, like curses. You can check out more info on dowsing to heal your land at


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How are you connecting with the land where you live? I’d love to hear what has worked for you and how you connect to trees and plants for healing! Scroll down to the comments section and let me know.