What My Clients Have Taught Me About Healing


In my twenty-five year practice as a bodyworker and energy healing practitioner, my clients have been my greatest teachers. In this episode, I share some of the many lessons I have learned through direct experience and what my clients have taught me about healing. Throughout the years, I have grown right alongside my clients and I dedicate this podcast episode to all of them.

What I have learned from my clients might surprise you. Here are 10 Life Lessons from the healing room:

1-Even though I do healing work for a living, I have never healed anyone but myself. Sounds contradictory, right? Healing work is full of paradoxes.

2-Self-care at home and professional therapies are both important. The daily work of empowered self-healing makes professional sessions more effective.

3-My definition of what healing is has changed.

4-All emotions are important. Emotions are not negative. Emotions can be evolved, not removed.

5-Healing is all about relationships.

6-Clients heal faster when they tune in to their own bodies.

7-Miracles happen all the time, in and out of the healing room.

8-None of us will make a positive change until we’re darn good and ready.

9-We are recovering from the conditioning that someone else is in charge of our health and our bodies.

10-Unconditional love is real, especially on the healing table.


Messages from the Body by, Michael J. Lincoln, Ph.D.

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay

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