Finding Balance for Healing Evangeline Hemrick

Masculine and Feminine Energy-Finding the Balance

The Challenge of Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energy

We all possess both masculine and feminine energy. Balancing our masculine and feminine aspects can be challenging, but finding the balance of creativity and productivity is essential for well-being. Our body is like a battery with negative (receptive) and positive (outgoing) electrical currents. Taking time to understand how our energy field works makes life easier. Did you know that you have masculine and feminine aspects regardless of your gender or orientation? The left and right sides of your body can tell you a lot about how you use your energy. Polarity Therapy and Chinese medicine teach us how to pay attention to our bodies so that we can bring our energy field into balance. Paying attention to the right and left sides of our bodies assists healing and well-being. Want to learn more?

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What’s Your Energy Style?

Where do you see yourself on the spectrum of masculine and feminine energy? Do you tend to be more on the creative, idea forming, big-picture thinking side of things or are you more on the production, hustle, accomplishing goals end of the spectrum?  Both qualities are essential for a healthy, balanced life.

We all continuously course-correct to find the middle way in life because we each have our own unique blend of masculine and feminine qualities. Since life is a constant ebb and flow of energy, there is no static, perfect balance of yin and yang, male and female, light and dark. Each aspect must be embraced as we roll with the constant changes of life.

Do you tend to be on the nurturing, creative side of things or the solution-oriented, action-based side of life? You may already incorporate a beautiful balance of yang and yin qualities into your work and personal life. This is a goal that everyone can strive for: knowing when to use force and take action or when to yield and be soft.

Energetic Anatomy of Masculine and Feminine

The right side of the body controls the masculine aspects of our behavior. Body parts located on the right side are energetically responsible for giving, taking action and getting things done with dynamic leadership. The overall state of the organs on our right side have a direct correlation to masculine energy and how we use it. Take a moment to feel what giving and taking action feels like in your life right now.  Is it easy or difficult for you to be in a leadership role and get things done? Are you more comfortable giving than receiving? How physically active are you? How does masculine energy feel to you? Notice how these issues are processed in your body.

The left side of the body is responsible for the feminine aspects of our behavior. Feminine energy governs how we nurture ourselves along with our ability to tap into our intuition and creativity. Take a moment to check in. What does nurturing yourself and receiving self-care feel like to you? Is it easy for you to receive care, compliments and gifts? Are you more comfortable receiving or giving? How easy is it for you to be still and tap into your intuition? How often do you slow down and rest?

Your masculine side says, “I’m ready to take action.”
Your feminine side says, “I need to feel this out and tune in to my intuition.”

Find Balance with Internal Check-In

Imagine the energy currents in your body flowing easily, balanced from right to left and left to right. See your body being at ease and complete with both aspects of life: giving and receiving, goal setting and accomplishing tasks, taking action and enjoying rest, movement and stillness. Honor the light and shadow sides of yourself with harmony and equality.

Balance Masculine and Feminine Energy Evangeline Hemrick
Photo by Jared Rice

Your inner “Dad” and “Mom” are a part of your whole and healthy self. A healthy human has the perfect marriage of yin and yang within themselves. Each one of us has inner roles of father, mother, husband and wife to play. Our internal husband and wife aspects are here to make our lives work better. Take an assessment of which aspects need developing to make you better at what you do. Do you find yourself resistant to either the masculine or feminine aspects of life? Did the words Dad, Mom, father, mother, husband or wife bring up opportunities for you to go deeper into your own healing process? YOU get to define what your ultimate inner parent and spouse is like. Nothing external can define balance for you. Remember that any form of creation requires both the yin and yang aspects of nature.

Masculine/Feminine Balance is a Journey

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that balancing feminine and masculine energy for effectiveness is an ongoing process. Receiving Polarity Therapy sessions from a Registered Polarity Practitioner is a beneficial way to bring your body into balance. Listen to my latest podcast episode to find out how I work with both sides of my creative process and how I struggle with striking the balance. Podcast #15: Creativity vs Productivity-The Balance of Feminine and Masculine Energy

How to make the most of mercury retrograde by Evangeline Hemrick

How to Make the Most of Mercury Retrograde

What exactly is Mercury Retrograde and how does it affect YOU?

Mercury Retrograde affects your business and home life whether you know it or not. Three or four times a year, the planet Mercury speeds past Earth and moves in an unusual manner for about three weeks. Our second Mercury Retrograde of 2019 began on July 7 and will last until July 31. During these periods, communication and technology are greatly affected by these planetary movements.

While it’s true that planetary cycles have an influence on us, Mercury Retrograde gets a bad rap. These times of the year are just cycles of nature, like seasons. If we know how to utilize these periods, there’s nothing to dread. Make the most out of Mercury Retrograde by taking simple steps to stay aware and in tune with the changes.

Retrogrades offer a wonderful opportunity to slow down for self-care activities and reflection. Make the most of this period by purposefully scheduling down time during the next three weeks. July is the perfect time for a restful retrograde, especially if your business slows down because of clients’ summer travel schedules.

The Good News About Mercury Retrograde

The good news is this: YOU get to decide how your retrograde periods go and how you feel throughout the year. Make 2019 the year you strategically plan things differently. You can make the most of challenging times by staying in tune with yourself. Mercury Retrograde is going to work for you this time. Make this planetary influence your ally and work the planetary shifts like a boss. If you’d like to learn more about how Mercury Retrograde might affect things in your world, check out this article. 

What to DO during a Retrograde

A good way to remember what to do in a Mercury Retrograde: engage in any activity that starts with the letters RE. For example: rest, relaxation, renewal, retreat, reading, recharging your battery, reorganizing your closets—these are all perfect things to do in a retrograde! Retrogrades provide opportunities to finish those old projects you’ve started and never completed, while being a little gentler and softer with yourself and others.

Make note of when these periods begin and end in your planner so you can prepare wisely.

Highlight the days all the way through each retrograde to remind you to be easy on yourself and understanding of others throughout these weeks. Schedule in self-care activities and healing appointments for these days. Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to use personal days for meditation, yoga or spiritual retreats. Sure, these three or four times of the year aren’t favorable for some activities but they are perfect for extra self-care, time allotted for finishing up old projects, getting organized and resting.

Mercury Retrograde is Good for Business (If You’re a Healer)

If you’re in the healing and wellness profession, maximize on the business opportunity and income potential of Mercury Retrograde. Educate your clients on the importance of self-care and extra bodywork sessions during these periods. Prepare your clients in advance so that they, too, can benefit from these special times.

The opportunity that Mercury Retrograde provides can be profitable for meditation retreats, therapy practices, spa professionals, self-care educators, coaches, and more. Strategically prepare to serve your clients well during these times of intense stress at work. Remember, Mercury Retrograde can only work for you if you know how to effectively utilize the potential.

How to make the most of Mercury Retrograde

What NOT to do during Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrogrades are not easy times for starting new projects, communicating with others, signing contacts, hustling hard and pushing yourself at work. This doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve anything you want to accomplish during these times because believe me, I’ve done it. It only means that you’ll have a lot more resistance to deal with in order to reach your goals.

You might also miss out on profound opportunities for awareness and growth. I’ve hosted huge seminars and workshops, officiated weddings and launched new projects successfully during retrogrades but not without a lot of unnecessary wear and tear. Let’s just say I’ve proven to myself that I’d rather be in flow with nature from now on. (wink wink)

I don’t dread these times of year at all, and I don’t want you to be afraid of them either. They’re the best times ever for businesses like mine that focus on healing and wellness sessions or retreats. Sure, I might experience technology issues in my healing room with music or WIFI, but I don’t let that throw me because once the real work starts on the table, it’s all good.

Awareness is the secret ingredient to thriving during Retrogrades.

Each Mercury Retrograde period has a unique flavor and lessons depending on what other planets are affected by its movements. Retrogrades will affect you more or less depending on where they are stationed and how that positioning interacts with your own energetic blueprint and personality.

The key is to PAY ATTENTION to how you feel, and make adjustments in your schedule based on your needs at that time. We are not robots or machines that are meant to do the same exact thing every day, every season. Nature doesn’t work this way and we are a part of the natural world.

When we tune in to nature and get back in rhythm with life, things in our lives start to work much better.

You’ve already got one retrograde behind you for this year with two more to go. How are you going to make the most of it? Mercury retrograde is an opportunity to go within and focus on yourself in whatever way nurtures you best. Want some suggestions for ways to take care of yourself that won’t cost you a dime?

Check out my podcast #6: 12 Free Ways To Feel Better Right Now.



Upgrade your thoughts with mindfulness by Evangeline Hemrick

5 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Thoughts

What I Learned from Raymon Grace: How to upgrade your thoughts

I spent the last two weekends studying mindset techniques, energy healing and dowsing from a very interesting fellow named Raymon Grace. I sought him out to deepen my understanding of how to change my mental programs and beliefs to accelerate healing. Reprogramming mental patterns to assist the mind/body healing connection is something I have been fascinated with since 1996. That was the year I was introduced to the work of Louise L. Hay. Since then, I’ve put in twenty-three years of focused mindset and it feels like I’ve made some good changes in my mental programming, but there’s more work to be done. Raymon’s workshop revealed a missing piece to the puzzle of why it’s taking me so long to clean up my thoughts. My time learning with Raymon Grace is by no means over. I think I could sit with him in every workshop he offers and uncover more ‘aha moments.’ Here are a few takeaways from these recent weekends of learning. I’m excited to share 5 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Thoughts, and shift your mindset to create positive outcomes.

“Energy follows thought.” -Albert Einstein

The Healing Power of a Focused Mind

Bernie Siegel once said, “An affirmation is not a denial of your present circumstances but rather a seed you are planting for the future.” This makes sense to me because you can’t plant a seed and expect a mighty oak tree to happen overnight. Our minds are like gardens that will readily accept positive thoughts as quality seeds. We then have to cultivate and weed our minds daily. I have been patiently working in the garden of my mind for two decades. Now I think I might have found the next level of evolving our thoughts: achieving the optimal brainwave state before introducing a new thought pattern (like tilling soil before planting seeds).

The time I have spent with Raymon Grace has been worth more than gold. I respect his authenticity, transparency and freedom. He is unapologetically himself, which is rare and refreshing in the world of self-help and metaphysics. At the beginning of the workshop, he spoke of how programmable humans are during the first seven years of life. We are highly susceptible to suggested beliefs during those formative years because our brains are in a lower brainwave state known as Alpha. If you want to know more about various brainwave states and how to get the most of out of them, here’s a great resource from Scientific American. As we get older, we have to use techniques to access the Alpha brainwave state. This explains why our affirmations and goal setting techniques may not seem to work as well sometimes. We have to take action to create a receptive brain state that will accept new information and upgrade our programming.

Use Alpha Brainwave State to Plant a New Thought Pattern

1-Look UP.  Tap into universal intelligence and access Alpha brain state by simply looking up.

I used to do this when I was a kid and I didn’t know why. Think about the placement of billboards or the location of the pulpit in church. We are more easily programmed when we are looking up, so take advantage of this and program yourself with messages of health, prosperity, love, happiness and success. Strategically place healing affirmations and goals where you will look up to read them. Write your goal and place it over a door frame you walk through frequently or on the sun visor in your car, for example.

2-Employ all five senses to achieve Alpha brain state. Visualize something you know well and imagine all five senses engaging with that object.

During class, Raymon Grace gave the example of visualizing a watermelon. This exercise is easy to do. Just imagine holding a watermelon and what the texture and weight feels like in your hand. Now cut the watermelon and look at the layers of color and the colors of the seeds. Take a bite of the watermelon and think of what it tastes like. Listen to the sound of chewing the watermelon and smell it as you take a bite. You have just accessed Alpha brain state. Now you are ready to plant better thoughts into your subconscious mind. Your affirmations, goals and visualizations will have more impact from this state.

3-Train your brain how to think by catching negative or destructive thought patterns as they come up.

Raymon Grace said he visualizes having a bucket of red paint he uses to paint a red X over an undesirable thought as he eliminates it. He said this next step is crucial: after removing the negative thought, do something that makes you feel good immediately. Give yourself a new thought pattern by having a pleasurable experience such as petting your dog or smelling a flower. It is very important to do something that makes you feel good immediately after you eliminate the destructive thought pattern.

4-Never speak with ownership about an illness, dis-ease or physical pain.

For instance, never refer to a headache as “my headache” because the body responds to this and assigns possession to the pain. Once you access Alpha state, affirm that your body deserves love, health, prosperity and fun.

5-Visualize and recreate the past to give your body a new memory of a traumatic incident.

If you can do this exercise out loud with a partner, you can make a new memory that is more powerful for your body. Visualize a moment in your past that you would like to change. Mentally project yourself back in time to the moment before the incident happened. Imagine taking action to do what you wish you could have done. The scenario you create does not have to be realistic, it can be fantasy. You may have a sword or magical powers, whatever you like. Just make the visualization as vivid and detailed as possible to create the outcome you desire in that situation. When you engage in creating this new memory with someone you trust and enjoy, the two of you have created a scene that your body believes to be true, In this way, you have traveled time and changed the past. The more you revisit this story with your friend, the more real the memory becomes to every cell in your body. This technique is an example of how creative visualization creates a healing outcome.

“Wherever you put your thoughts, you put your energy. The universe conforms to your belief system. You have the ability to transform energy with your intent. You have a choice in what you put up with and what you don’t. Think of what you want, not what you don’t want. Thoughts determine your decisions, decisions determine actions, actions determine your future.” -Raymon Grace

You have the ability to create the future you want by monitoring your thoughts.

Try these simple techniques and let me know what works for you. Every one of us has a unique creative style. Tap into the form of mental focus that works best for you. The only way to learn your most effective reprogramming style is to try as many techniques as you can, and see what works. Remember that you have the ability to create the future with your thoughts. I highly recommend taking a workshop with Raymon Grace. The techniques I’m sharing with you do not even scratch the surface of what we covered in the class.

Check out Raymon’s workshop schedule here. I highly recommend his books, online courses and workshops. His methods are practical and effective — and his techniques work.

Want to elevate your thoughts even more? Listen to my latest podcast! Confessions of a Dirty Mind: How to Clean Up Your Thoughts

Summer solstice ceremony with Evangeline Helmrick

Summer Solstice Ceremony: DIY

If you can’t make my LIVE Summer Solstice Ceremony – here are some suggestions for creating your own:

The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, and it happens on Friday, June 21. Since we have twelve hours of sunlight in our part of the world on this powerful day, this is a time for dynamic action and courage. Utilize the power of the Solstice by focusing on your goals and putting them into action.

Ancient civilizations honored the Sun and celebrated the life-sustaining nourishment that comes from light. This is the time of the year to put your dreams in motion and take inspired action. Use the masculine energy of the Sun to help you accomplish your goals and make things happen. Summer Solstice is also a time to celebrate and have fun. Celebrate the power of light with camp fires, music, dancing and fun times with friends.

Summer Solstice CeremonyIdeas for planning your own ceremony

Ceremony is a perfect way to connect with your family and community as you amplify your intention. If you’ve ever been curious as to how to host your own sacred ceremony or ritual, Summer Solstice is the perfect time to take action and do it!

Act of Power Ceremony

Here’s an easy and effective ceremony called the Act of Power. Take some time to think about the most important goal you would like to manifest right now. Set an intention for what you wish to create in your life at this time.

In this ceremony, you will create two shamanic power objects:

  • Life Arrow for manifesting
  • Death Arrow for releasing

(Don’t let the name scare you, the Death Arrow only represents letting go of blockages.) Items you will need: one small stick, one large stick, cotton string or crochet thread, paper and pen/pencil

Take a walk in the woods and find one small stick and one large stick. The small stick should be thin enough to burn easily. The large stick should be thick enough to be placed in the ground and stay upright.
Your small stick will become your Death Arrow. You will release anything in your life that is holding you back from achieving your goal with this power object.
Your large stick will become your Life Arrow. You will grow and manifest what you most desire with this sacred power tool.

Create a Death Arrow

On one piece of paper, write down any obstacles, habits or limiting thoughts that are holding you back from achieving your goal. After you have written everything that is limiting you, wrap this piece of paper around the small stick and secure the paper to the stick by wrapping cotton string around it, tying the string securely. You have now created a Death Arrow. It is time to say goodbye to the blockages that have been holding you back. Burn your Death Arrow in a safe, fireproof container such as a metal bowl, fire pit or fire place. As you carefully take precautions for safety, watch the arrow burn and visualize releasing obstacles that have held you back from your goal. This effects of this exercise are intensified if you say what you are releasing out loud as the arrow burns.

Create a Life Arrow

Now that you have cleared obstacles from your path, carefully consider what action steps need to be taken in order to accomplish your ultimate goal. Take some time and write down what you are willing to do in order to turn your dream into a reality. With these written action steps, you are making a commitment to yourself and the Universe. This sheet of paper will contain the promise you are making to yourself.

After you have written down your commitments and list of action steps, carefully wrap the piece of paper around your large stick and secure it by wrapping the cotton thread or string around it and tying securely. The thread you use can be multi-colored and beautiful. You can also adorn your Life Arrow with gemstones, shells, and feathers. Make your arrow beautiful and appealing to you but just remember to use natural embellishments, since you are giving your Life Arrow to the Earth.

Make a commitment to yourself, and the Universe.

Take your Life Arrow and plant it into the ground. Place your arrow somewhere you can see it often to be reminded of your goal. As you impregnate the Earth with your hopes and dreams, say out loud, “This is my act of power. I now create _________,” and finish by speaking your goal, as if it is your current reality, while you place your stick in the ground.

The beneficial effects of this ritual are amplified if done in a group, but it can also be done effectively alone. Never underestimate the power of a ritual for one. You can still have a very powerful Summer Solstice Ceremony even if no one else is around to do this exercise with you. Sometimes it’s hard to say our hopes and dreams out loud (even if we’re all alone) but there is so much creative potential in the power of our voice.

There are many ways to manifest intention.

This is just one ceremony suggestion to get you started. There are countless ways to celebrate the Solstice. And there’s no wrong way to do a ceremony or ritual for manifesting and amplifying intention. Just gather a group of trusted friends and discuss what you want to create and how you want your world to be. It can be as simple as that!

All you need is a focused mind and a loving heart to create positive change through ceremony. I’d love to hear about how you create sacred ceremony and ritual. Be creative and make your Solstice Ceremony reflect what’s important to you. Remember to have lots of fun on the longest day of the year!

Want to learn more about ceremony?

Listen to my podcast on creating ceremony and let me know how you create sacred ritual in your life.

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My name is Evangeline

My name is Evangeline.

My passion is helping others find their own callings and unique gifts of service to the world.

My name is Evangeline. Some of you know me as Angela. I am a busy mom, a business owner — and I am a healer. Over the years, many people have said to me, “You have found your true calling.” My passion is helping others find their own callings and unique gifts of service to the world. Throughout my journey as a massage therapist and energy healer, I have had so many conversations with individuals who want to leave behind unfulfilling jobs and create lives that they love.

Whether you’re healing your own life, being a healer at home or growing your professional practice, I’m here for you.

I’ve used Evangeline as my pen name for years… I always loved my birth name, Angela — but wasn’t crazy about my nickname “Angie.” Sometimes, transformation is triggered by and followed by, all sorts of life changes. That is what happened to me. I spent the last several years doing deep self-realization work on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Your name is a big deal and its impact on your life might surprise you.

After I changed my name, I intuitively decided to check out the numerology on my new name. Sure enough, a huge numerological upgrade was happening for me! My new name has the vibration of 8 which is a very spiritual number (symbol of infinity) along with abundance, prosperity and recognition.

I’d never given much thought to the meaning of names until I was introduced to Numerology, the ancient study of the numerical value in words and names.

Your given name is a possession that’s solely YOURS and it’s been with you from day one, affecting everything you do. Did you know that you carry power and potential in the numerical vibration of your own name? You have a certain destiny and life path number that was given to you when you acquired your name at birth. And you also have the choice of how you are represented in the world by the energy and intention you carry with the name you choose to use. The ancient science that explains all of this is called Numerology.

I’ve also made the effort to simplify my life in order to be more effective at the few things I wanted to do really well. Taking time to get clear has brought profound changes in how I communicate with the world and what I’m passionate about accomplishing while I’m here.

I want to have relationships and build community with people who are interested in making their lives better.

These changes in me are the reason for my new name and the catalyst for writing this blog, producing my podcast and creating my e-courses. I have realized that success in life is all about nurturing relationships — and that’s why I am reaching out and sharing with all of you. I want to have relationships and build community with people who are interested in making their lives better. The things I like to write about and discuss on my podcast are all related to living more intentionally and getting the most out of life.

My philosophy for a happy life is: Heal, Love, Serve.

I enjoy assisting others with unlocking their own healing potential and at the same time creating rewarding careers. I am such an advocate for self-care for every professional. The more self-care we schedule into our lives, the more effective we are at everything we do. But there is a special place in my heart for healers and I love teaching them how to take good care of themselves.

If you are new to my site, welcome to the community. As a thank you for taking the time to get to know me, enjoy these free tips for feeling good right now as a token of gratitude. I hope you find inspiration and support here — no matter where you are on your journey.

10 Ways to Get More Out of Your Next Massage Therapy Session

10 Ways to Get More Out of Your Next Massage Therapy Session

by Evangeline Hemrick

I love receiving an excellent massage as much as I enjoy giving one. My regular sessions keep me feeling great so that I can give my clients the quality service they deserve. Anticipating my appointment and how good it will feel is part of the pleasure. If you are committed to your health, you’ve already discovered the benefits of a regularly scheduled massage. Here’s how to get the most out of your time on the table…

1. Take advantage of time to BREATHE
Sometimes the things that make us feel the best are the simplest and most overlooked healing remedies. I find this to be the case with one of our most valuable resources that’s available to us twenty four hours a day: our breath. Breathing properly is not only the best remedy for stress, anxiety and tension, but it’s also a useful tool to enhance the benefits of your massage session.
It’s hard enough to find the time to schedule a massage much less finding time to retrain your body how to breathe better for stress relief, nervous system rebooting, detoxification and weight loss. But here you are…on the table with nothing else to do. Why not focus on breathing better while you enjoy your massage?
If you simply pay attention to your breath while your therapist works, you’ll tune into places of tension and discomfort in your body. Mindful breathing is also a great way to calm your thoughts, especially if “monkey mind” (distracting thoughts on a continuous loop) keeps you from relaxing. A lot of my clients say to me, “I just can’t seem to slow my thoughts down when I get a massage!” The solution to an overactive mind is in the breath. My yoga teacher taught me that the mind controls the body but the breath controls the mind.Here’s a tip: while you’re lying on the table, just observe the in and out pattern of your breathing. Notice what parts of your body move as you breathe. Remember to give yourself permission to breathe any way you want to, observing your normal breathing pattern without judgement. You can’t do this exercise wrong. This isn’t one more thing on your to-do list that you have to get “right”. Relax into the fact that you’re doing it right as long as you’re paying attention. As you get more comfortable doing this awareness exercise, you can develop a more intentional breathing practice. There are countless breathing techniques you can learn as you advance. But for beginners, just noticing your breath and making a conscious effort to breathe deeper will work miracles during your massage session.

2. Turn off all your electronic devices
In today’s over stimulated electronic world, take advantage of your massage time to unplug completely from all technology and outside communication. This is your sacred time and you work hard for the minutes and dollars you spend on your regular massage. Why give this time away to the rest of the world when you have carefully carved it out for yourself? There is much research available that proves how hearing the slightest vibration of a text or email alert takes your brain into a state of higher activity, activating fight or flight in your nervous system. One of the greatest benefits of massage therapy is that you get to take a break from fight or flight (sympathetic nervous system activation) and enjoy the benefits of rest and digest (parasympathetic nervous system activation). Keeping your phone on during a session deprives you of much needed restorative time to recharge your battery. This healing space and time belongs fully and completely to YOU and the world will go on if you don’t answer your phone for an hour, I promise!

Of course there are always exceptions that call for leaving your phone on for a specific reason and that’s understandable. But if you always stay available for work or family issues during your massage time, you’re cheating yourself out of your own restorative experience. If you claim this time for yourself, you’ll be more useful to everyone in your life as you emerge from your session refreshed and recharged, ready for the world!

3. Schedule your session time with YOU in mind
Sometimes we all need quick bodywork for pain relief and when it comes to scheduling, we’ll take what we can get! But if you’re re-booking a regularly scheduled time with your favorite therapist, put some thought and intention into the best time of day for your massage. If you can allow for a sweet moment to process the work you’ve received, that deep relaxation can settle into your body. Your post-massage down time may just be a few minutes outside in nature or a few moments alone in the car before you re- engage with the world. The amount of decompression time needed after your session will vary for each person. If you’re a busy parent with little ones, the best time for a massage may be in the early morning while the kids are at school. For a professional on the go, the best time for bodywork may be at the end of a long work day or after the gym. Find the optimal time of the day for you by scheduling sessions at different times and then taking note of how you feel and how long you’re able to make that feeling last. Even though it’s not always possible, try to schedule at least thirty minutes of quiet relaxation time after your session before running to the next thing on your to-do list. Since I’m a busy mom and business owner myself, I know this isn’t always going to work out perfectly. But when you can treat yourself with time to read, be outside or do whatever brings you joy after receiving your massage, you’ll carry that good feeling with you throughout the day!

4. Skip the primping. Skip hairstyling, makeup and jewelry
Schedule your massage at a time when you don’t have to look your best. Your therapist will be able to work on more areas of tension if messing up your hairstyle or makeup is not a concern. Facial muscles carry a lot of stress but therapists will avoid facial massage if the client is wearing makeup. The muscles in our scalp also hold a great deal of tension and it feels so good to have a deep scalp massage. But no headache relieving massage for you if you don’t want your hair messed up! Try to receive your massage at a time when you can have some work on areas like TMJ (where most of us hold stress in our jaw), sinus points and acupressure points of the face and scalp. Skip wearing lots of jewelry that takes time to take off and put back on. Just wear your most important daily pieces so that your therapist doesn’t have to work around your jewels or forego massage time while you take them off. Less bling = more table time relaxation for you! And don’t worry about shaving, either. Your skin becomes much more sensitive to massage oils and essential oils if you shave right before heading to your appointment. You never have to apologize to your therapist for not shaving or not getting all fixed up, just wear comfy clothing and keep it simple.

5. Communicate with your therapist
Your body and it’s needs change on a daily basis. Check in with yourself on the day of your session so you can communicate your specific needs to your therapist. Tell him or her what hurts, where you need focused work and what would feel really good to you. Sometimes it takes getting on the table and receiving some bodywork to become fully aware of how you feel. Heightened body awareness is another great benefit of massage therapy. The more bodywork you receive, the more finely tuned to your physical needs you’ll become. Be sure and tell your therapist when you have your period, if you might experience hot flashes on the table or if you’ve had any injuries or surgeries since you last saw them. Let them know your preferences about aromatherapy scents and if you’d like to be warmer or cooler during the session. Remember, this is all about YOU. You’re not being high maintenance when it comes to asking for what you need. On the contrary, you’re being a good communicator when you’re clear about what you want to accomplish in the session. Communication always makes your massage more enjoyable and helps your therapist take better care of you.

6. Create a treatment plan with your therapist that meets your specific needs and goals
It’s always ok to tell your therapist what areas you would like to have more or less focus on during the session. There’s only so much that can be addressed in sixty or ninety minutes. It can be helpful to make a treatment plan that addresses different areas of the body in different sessions, so that every area gets attention over time. Some clients request a focus on their upper body in one session and then lower body might be the goal for the next massage. Or maybe you’re having a specific issue and you just want your feet or neck worked on for the majority of one entire session. Remember: this is your time! A capable therapist will have recommendations for a treatment plan that is tailored to fit your needs. And if you’re currently seeing a therapist that never veers from the same old choreographed routine, tell your therapist you’d like more customized work. Communicating with your practitioner helps the session become more about your specific issues instead of the same old routine. Important areas of the body, such as abdominal or gluteal muscles, are sometimes overlooked. Many therapists won’t work these areas unless the client makes a request. If you have never had the soothing effects of abdominal massage and the tension relieving effects it has on the lower back, be sure to ask your therapist for abdominal work in your next session. Abdominal massage is one of my personal favorites because it is so supportive and nurturing to the vital organs and digestive system. If you’re experiencing tightness in your low back and hamstrings, you could also benefit from specific work on the gluteal muscles. The reason many therapists avoid abdominal or gluteal massage is because these can be guarded and sensitive areas. Your therapist wants your full comfort and consent because an excellent massage is all about safety and respect. In my practice, only about 30% of my clients request massage on their abdominal muscles but around 60% of my clients want bodywork on their gluteals and hips. And if a client gets on the table wearing socks or underwear, it’s my job to find out if this is a boundary for them or if they’re just too cold and I need to adjust the temperature.

7. Take some time to be QUIET
Now that you’ve communicated to your therapist how you feel and what you need, it’s time to go into your own happy place and have some quiet time. Trust me, I LOVE talking to my clients and catching up with them. Sometimes we talk a lot but my rule is that I’ll speak when spoken to and if they don’t talk to me, I’ll respect their time and let them zone out. Since everyone is different, some clients don’t relax easily without talking. There can be times when we all just need to talk about something that is stressing us in order to release that stressor. Check in and see how you feel about talking the day of your massage and ask yourself if being quiet would help you get more relaxation and stress relief. I find that the answer is almost always YES; clients usually need more quiet time in their lives than they realize. Additionally, the massage seems like it lasts longer if you don’t talk it away. You have all the other hours of the day when you can talk, but how many hours do you get to enjoy a massage? Another secret that I will share with you is that I have consistently noticed that my work is better when I can focus and not talk to someone, while I’m giving a massage. Of course I always check in with my clients on comfort topics like pressure and temperature, but just know that it will never hurt a good therapist’s feelings if you go into your own little world and soak up every precious moment of quiet time.

8. Practice the Art of RECEIVING
For all you givers out there who aren’t comfortable receiving anything from a compliment to a gift, your massage session is a perfect opportunity to practice the art of receiving graciously. You literally don’t have to lift a finger for the duration of your session and that makes your massage time so valuable. My natural born “giver” and “doer” type clients have a hard time with this principle. They try to assist me throughout their session by lifting their legs up while I insert a pillow or by handing me their arm when I lift their limb to work on it. Even though that is so kind and thoughtful, I am here to free you from all of that “helping” during your massage. Your therapist does not need your help at all. You will get more out of your session if you simply melt onto the table, let your body be heavy in capable hands and leave the rest to us. A skilled therapist will treat every part of you like the most exquisite and expensive piece of art in the world, a priceless possession to be handled with upmost care. I know this is difficult for some personality types to allow themselves to be totally cared for and herein lies the growth opportunity for the givers of the world. The balance between giving and receiving is an important part of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. If you practice the art of receiving and allowing during your massage time, it will pay off in other areas of your life.

9. Hold the caffeine and drink extra water
Too much coffee before your massage can make you jittery and unable to quiet your mind during the session. Hold off on caffeine for 3 to 4 hours before your massage. Remember to double your water consumption for the next 24 hours after your session to alleviate soreness and achey muscles. A good rule to follow: drink more water than you normally do (even if you typically drink a lot) after your massage for enhanced detox and lymphatic health benefits. The last thing you want to do (if you’ve spent the time and money to feel better) is to forget to drink enough water and then feel worse the next day. Avoid alcohol for a few days before and after your session, too. When I have forgotten to drink enough water after my massage in the past, I felt sore and just plain lousy. Take it from me, that’s no reward for taking such good care of yourself, so drink up!

10. Take a sea salt or epsom salt bath after your massage
Enhance the healing benefits of your massage with an epsom salt or sea salt bath. This post-massage treatment alleviates muscle soreness and supports detoxification. Salt baths are my go-to remedy after a long day of sessions or an intense workout. You can buy epsom salts at any drug store or grocery store and they are very inexpensive. My personal favorites are Health and Wisdom’s Magnesium Bath Crystals.These are more pricey than epsom salts but they work really well! You can find them at Whole Foods or Having bath salts on hand for an after bodywork treatment will help you sleep better and keep your muscles relaxed. Try 2 cups of epsom salts in a warm bath for a 20 minute soak. Enjoy!

I hope these suggestions help you take your massage to the next level of enjoyment and value, my self care savvy friend! Now I’d like to hear from you. What have you learned that enhances your massage sessions and how do you get the most out of your time on the table? Let me know in the comments below!

Why I Changed My Name to Evangeline

Why I Changed My Name
(And How You Can Activate The Power Of Your Own Name)

by Evangeline Hemrick

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering what’s up with my name change. Let me start by saying that if you’ve known me as Angela for a long time, you can still call me that and many people still do!

Evangeline (ee-VAN-juh-LEEN) has been my pen name for a while and the short answer to why I changed my name is that I just really like the name Evangeline and I married a guy with the last name Hemrick. Launching my blog and podcast felt like the right time to make a big change.

I feel like the long story is worth telling because I was never someone who wanted to change my name. I want to share this experience because I feel like the name each one of us represents ourselves with is a big deal. Here’s the story of what happened to me.

I Never Thought I Would Change My Name and Here’s Why I Did…

I have always loved the name I was given at birth, but I was never crazy about the shortened version of my name which everyone called me in the small mountain town where I grew up. When I was born, I was named Angela Monique, which means heavenly messenger. What’s not to love about a first name that spells out Angel?
But I was called Angie until I left home and created my own identity. It wasn’t that I disliked the shortened version of my name, it was that I just REALLY loved the name I was given and I’d never been able to use it. Little did I know that years later, my brother would marry an Angie and that was all the more reason for me to go by my given name instead of a nickname.

When I moved away from that tiny mountain town, started massage therapy school and got a job, I claimed the power of my name and my birthright. I finally stepped into the being named Angela and it felt good. I didn’t realize that I was claiming my identity at that time. I only knew that I felt all grown up using my real name. Since the day I moved away from home, the name Angela has served me well personally and professionally. That is why my recent change comes as such a shock to me and it makes me realize that everything changes, even when we are perfectly happy with the way things are! Sometimes, transformation calls for big life changes and that’s what’s happened to me. Having spent the last several years of my life doing deep self realization work and focusing primarily on my relationships, I committed myself to cultivating my relationship with:

  • myself on every level (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual)
  • my inner circle of friends and family
  • my clients in my private practice.

I’ve spent a lot of time simplifying my life in order to be more effective at the few things I wanted to do really well. Taking time to get clear has brought profound changes in how I communicate with the world and what I’m passionate about accomplishing while I’m here. These changes in me are the reason for my new name and the catalyst for writing this blog, producing my podcast and creating my e-courses. I have realized that success in life is all about nurturing relationships and that’s why I am reaching out and sharing information. I want to have a relationships and build community with people who are interested in making their lives better. The things I like to write about and discuss on my podcast are all related to living more intentionally and getting the most out of life.

Another reason I changed my name is that I fell in love and married a man who had already adopted a young boy before we met. Now this child is my son, too. This unexpected and joyful turn of events in my life brought up a lot of questions for me regarding my name and how I wanted to identify myself in this new family. I wondered if I would take my new husband’s name (even though I swore I’d never do that again)? I had vowed that I would never take anyone’s name again and I’ve had a pretty strong stance on the issue until now. This situation felt different, like a unifying experience for all three of us to come together as a family all at once. And for some reason, I just really liked my husband’s last name (Hemrick). This was unusual for me because I had never wanted to take someone’s name before, although I had reluctantly hyphenated in a past marriage. The most surprising part was that everytime I would think about taking his name, I would suddenly think of changing my first name to Evangeline. It just felt right to me.

I’d never given much thought to the meaning of names until 2006 when I was introduced to Numerology, the ancient study of the numerical value in words and names. Since ancient times, civilizations including the Chaldeans, Babylonians, Egyptians and Persians had teachings and disciplines in Numerology. Every number has a spiritual significance. The spiritual aspect of names and numbers are highlighted many times throughout the Bible.

Evangeline has always been my favorite name to give a little girl and I had hopes that I would give that name to a daughter one day. But the name Evangeline Hemrick kept calling me and one day it hit me that it was MY pen name. After coming to this decision intuitively, I decided to check out the numerology on my new name. Sure enough, a huge numerological upgrade was happening for me! My new name has the vibration of 8 which is a very spiritual number (symbol of infinity) along with abundance, prosperity and recognition. My birth name holds the vibration of 1, which is all about leadership, action, independence and identity. But changing the name that I go by does not mean that I get a pass on all the life lessons that a “1 person” is here to learn, no way! I will carry all the gifts and challenges of being a 1 with me for the rest of my life. But what changing my name can do is enhance and add qualities to my life that were not there before. I can utilize these new gifts and take advantage of the enhanced vibration.

This new name change feels like a graduation, a rebirthing of some sort, but I will always be Ang, Angie or Angela to those who know me and love me. When you can totally embrace the name you were given at birth, there’s nothing to run from; there’s only expansion and growth opportunities up ahead, which makes life exciting!

There’s A Lot More To Your Own Name Than You Might Think

Your name is a big deal and the impact on your life might surprise you. Your given name is a possession that’s solely YOURS and it’s been with you from day one, affecting everything you do. Did you know that you carry power and potential in the numerical vibration of your own name? You have a certain destiny and life path number that was given to you when you acquired your name at birth. And you also have the choice of how you are represented in the world by the energy and intention you carry with the name you choose to use. The ancient science that explains all of this is called Numerology.

“A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches.”

-Proverbs 22:1 (English Standard Version)

Does The Name You Use “Fit” You?

Do you like the sound and the feel of the name you use? There’s a certain power in holding out your hand and saying to someone, “I am ____”. How are you utilizing that power when you identify yourself? You may have never even thought about it but your name is something worth considering and putting intention into how it’s used by you and others.

In this article we will discuss:

  • What Numerology is and Why It’s Useful to You
  • How To Find Out The Numerology of Your Own Name
  • How to Be Intentional and Strategic With The Use Of Your Name
  • Things To Consider If You’re Thinking About Changing Your Name

What is Numerology And How Does It Work?

Numerology is the universal language of numbers. By breaking down the patterns of the universe into numbers, we are able to uncover information about the world as a whole, as well as useful information about every individual. Our name has a specific vibration and numerological meaning. Parents deliberate on the weighty responsibility of what name to give their child. One concept of Numerology is that our name has deeper meaning for our life purpose rather than a random decision our parents made. Ancient wisdom teaches that our names were spiritually destined and transferred to the consciousness of our parents. Whether you believe this is possible or not, it’s easy to see that our names have the power to influence our lives.

“The mother has known the child since long before she even became pregnant. The father ditto, of course. The connection has always been there. And when the baby is named, the intuitive connection is powerful. Even when I hear stories about misspellings, last minute changes and so forth, I consider those to be the final touches to make sure the child receives the proper name. Some people don’t like their names. Some people hate them and never use them. Still, the magic works. A careful analysis (of numerology) will probably reveal the source of this dislike.”

-Hans Decoz, Numerologist

If you aren’t an esoteric wisdom geek like me and you don’t enjoy researching ancient teachings that are still relevant, let me sum this up for you in a nutshell: your name has a specific numerical vibration that affects you, whether you believe it does or not. Everything in the universe has a numeric value and life is very mathematical, which I think is really cool. But even if you aren’t into woo and you’re totally skeptical about the whole thing, it will serve you well to at least know what you have to work with in the numeric value of your name. You can learn what strengths and challenges that come with the vibration of your name, which will make you more effective in every area of life. Your name is a vibration. It has power in it and it means something.

Reasons You Might Want to Check Out Your Name Numerology:

  • For curiosity’s sake, to see what energetic blueprint you came in with-what challenges, strengths, traits does this name have for you?
  • To do an internal check-in/assessment of how aligned you are with your life path and if you feel like you are living your soul purpose.
  • To make a strategic career move or big life change-to see what you’ve accomplished with the name you’ve been using and be clear on where you want to go and who you want to be.

How To Calculate The Numerology Of Your Own Name

If you’re not into math or you want to save time, check out “What Your Name Means” at This is a quick and easy way to discover your destiny number and it’s one of my favorite resources. I’m also a huge fan of Dutch numerologist Hans Decoz and you can check out his work at Here’s how you can calculate your own name numerology and you don’t even need a computer, all you need is a pencil and paper!

Write your full name as it is written on your birth certificate. Find the corresponding value for each letter of your name. Add all of your numbers up digit by digit. When you have the total of all the letters in your full name, keep adding until you have a single digit number.
You can find the numerical value of each letter by going through the alphabet and grouping the letters with 1 through 9 and then start again. It will look like this:
A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, D = 4, E = 5, F = 6, G = 7, H = 8, I = 9,
J = 1, K = 2, L = 3, M = 4, N = 5, O = 6, P = 7, Q = 8, R = 9,
S = 1, T = 2, U = 3, V =4, W = 5, X = 6, Y = 7, Z = 8
Write each numeric value under each letter of your name.



1 5 7 5 3 1 4 6 5 9 8 3 5 5 9 3 1 6 5

Then, add them all up, keep adding until you have one number left.
My destiny number is a 1.

What To Do When You Find Your Number

Cross reference several numerology sites to get the full meaning of your number. Some information will vary from source to source, but the life lessons and basic meanings of the numbers are pretty consistent. I’ve given you a couple great resources for checking out the meaning of your number but it is up to you to go deeper and reflect on how you see those qualities manifesting in your life.

To Take a Married Name or Not?

My teacher, who introduced me to numerology in 2006, strategically kept her married name even after the marriage was over, because it was an upgrade for the vibration of her name. She liked the way the name flowed and it added qualities that she wanted to include in her professional brand. Since someone who was so knowledgeable about numerology was intentional about keeping someone else’s name, I decided to delve deeper into the whole marital name conundrum.
After studying numerology extensively, I no longer have a strong stance on either side of the “Should a wife take her husband’s name?” argument. It depends on the situation, how the numbers add up and what feels right for the individuals involved. After careful observation, I find that there’s no two situations alike when it comes to a name change for marital reasons. Each person must make their decision based on how it makes them feel to link their identity to a particular tribe.

I am all about gray areas and do not think that anyone should be judged for taking someone’s name or not. I know people who specifically do take their spouse’s name (husband or wife’s name) because of the numerical power and extra oomph they acquire with the new vibration. Sometimes the husband takes on the wife’s name for his middle name as a way of making a united front and honoring her family as well. This would be more than a nice gesture if the numerology turns out to be an upgrade for both parties- what a power couple!

I also have friends who have chosen a completely new last name that they decide on together. This is a beautiful way to begin a new family of your very own and set a powerful intention for the life you are creating together.

So here’s the thing you need to know about numerology and why I took the time to explain all of that to you:

The name you were given at birth holds lessons, strengths, challenges and blessings that do not change, even if you alter your name. However, you can add to that particular vibration, if you choose a new name. You can be strategic with how you add to your life path number. If you embrace what you are here to learn, you can enhance how your name affects you.

What If Someone Else Doesn’t Seem to “Fit” Their Name?

We all know the feeling when you meet someone and their name just totally suits them or it doesn’t. Sometimes you just can’t remember a person’s name because it just doesn’t seem to go with their personality. You might even continuously get their name wrong because you just feel like their name should be something else. Have you ever met someone and their name just didn’t resonate, just didn’t feel like the name for them, but you can’t really explain why?

Here’s some possible reasons for this…
They may not be using their actual given name, which is associated with their life path and soul purpose. Someone may have nicknamed them or they may have changed their name to get away from some part of their life lessons they did not want to deal with.
They may be in a growth period where old name associations do not match their new vibration.
And it’s also quite possible that you may have a personal association with their name that makes you unclear to assess their energy correctly.

How Is Your Name Being Used By You And Others?

I would like to invite you to look at how you allow your name to be used in all areas of your life. Many people shorten their family members’ names when they are young. If someone shortens your name, it can be endearing and familiar or disempowering and diminutive. Only you know how it makes you feel because it depends on the intention behind the action. For example, I like the way it feels when my family and friends call me Ang. It feels cozy to me because I want them close to me. However, if someone who doesn’t know me at all calls me Ang or Angie, it can feel like a power play and I am quick to correct them if I don’t like the way the energy feels . For some of us, shortening our names can jolt us back to the past, to an identity that no longer defines us or serves us. So you can enjoy the comfortable feeling of having your name shortened or you can speak up and let them know your preference to be called by your name.

Here’s an example of a power play where someone is altering other people’s names.


CLICK HERE to WATCH short segment
Netflix show: Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce
Season 2 Episode 9

For conscious communication and energy awareness, ask those in your life that you refer to by shortened names if this is what they want to be called. When I learned about this I asked those people in my life, whose names I had habitually shortened, if they preferred to be called by their given name. This is a way of showing respect and honoring someone’s identity. This is a fascinating exercise to do with friends and family because the results will vary. Some people don’t care at all, some have a strong preference, but everyone likes it that you took the time to be thoughtful and considerate. Simply put, it is good manners to get permission before altering someone else’s name.

There is no “one size fits all” or black and white rule for the name game. My husband prefers his name shortened. He resonates with the name Steve because his son is called Stephen, the full version of his name. This creates the separation in their identities and it works for both of them.

If you or someone you know is considering a name change…

Just think of very simple, one-word names of famous people and the feeling they evoke in you when you hear them…Prince, Madonna, Cher, Pink, The Rock…you get it…you immediately get a distinct feeling when you hear even one simple name. What’s amazing about these people is that each of them put enough intention into one small word that was not originally and solely theirs and they made that word theirs; they own it and everybody knows it. They claimed those tiny little letters and made them mean something more and they took ownership of that vibration.

Many people change their name when they undergo a big change or transition in their life and they need a new vibrational representation of who they are. We all undergo mini-deaths during this one lifetime. This simply means that it’s a natural part of life for some chapters of our story to end and other chapters to begin as we transition. Look to nature to see how death and rebirth cycles happen seasonally. As personal changes occur, you may not feel as resonant with a name that you have used for a long time.We all have the potential to change and grow, constantly becoming more of our true nature and less of our conditioning.

Changing your name is not about running away from parts of your life that you haven’t dealt with; its about transformative, open hearted growth and authenticity.

Things to consider before you change your name:

Try the Name Bath exercise. A name bath, similar to Louise Hay’s affirmation bath, is a very simple exercise where you have a few friends surround you and just say your name out loud while you relax with eyes closed, taking in the sound and feel of your name, literally bathing yourself in that particular vibration. Feel the resonance of your name as you hear different voices, pitches and tones used to say the name you are currently using. This exercise is also a great way to “try on” a new name, if you are considering a new identity or taking on the name of a spouse.

Do the math and get to know yourself better through the numerology of your given name FIRST. Check out your Life Path number and see if it rings true to you. What obvious strengths and weaknesses need your attention? Numerology brings more self awareness and gives you an edge to work with what you’ve got. After working with your given name, check out the numerology for your new name. Check if the numerical meaning matches the direction you are now going in life!

Changing your name legally is not something that should be taken lightly. Give much time and thought to this important decision. Give this sacred decision time and lots of intention, meditation and prayer. Be aware that others resist your name change and this is perfectly normal because change can be hard for all of us. The energy of your name is all wrapped up in who you are and for some, change is difficult so sometimes it’s hard for those who love you to let go of the old you and make room for the new. This can be scary to family members and friends, so it takes a lot of compassion and patience on your part to help them get used to the change. Let them know that even though you are growing and changing, your love for them is always there and it’s just that much stronger, so they have nothing to fear with this change!

If you’re experiencing resistance on the issue of someone else’s name change, sit with that for a minute. What makes you uncomfortable about this person’s changes? Are you wanting to keep them inside a box of who they were in the past? This is easy for all of us to do sometimes. Just be clear on what makes you resistant to any kind of change in someone else. If they are making a clear and healthy choice and not running from things that need to be addressed in their own lives, see if you can offer them your support during their growth process.

If you take one thing away from all of this, I hope it’s this: being intentional about your name is part of living a sacred and empowered life. You are in complete control of how you wish to be represented and other people may have their own opinions about what they wish to call you, but it’s YOUR NAME and it is a special and sacred part of your life. You have the right to choose it and be who you want to be. If that means you keep your given name and cherish it until the end of time, so be it! Or if it is time for you to grow and bloom into a new identity, you are free to choose. There are lots of resources and tools to help you get the most out of your name experience.

Now it’s your turn to explore…

Take some time to reflect on your current name, whether it’s your given or chosen name. Have you ever considered whether you like your name or not? Do you feel more like you identify with your first or middle name? Do you know the story of how your family came up with the name you received? Do you feel like your given name represents who you are at this time? Did you receive a nickname or a shortened version of your name from your family early in life? And do you feel this nickname reflects who you are today? A lot of how you feel about a nickname will have to do with your family history and whether your memories are positive and affirming or not. Have you taken a new last name in marriage? How does that name feel to you compared to your given name? Some people cannot wait to get rid of their last name and get a new one and others are deeply connected and proud of their lineage.

So now I want to hear from YOU. Tell us any interesting stories about how you got your name, how you feel about your given name, if you took a name in marriage and what that was like. I know you’ve got some interesting name stories on this topic, so share them in the comment section below!