Discover Your Unique Gifts as a Healer

Discover Your Unique Gifts as a Healer

“I know I came here to help this world, but I’m just not sure what my soul purpose is and I haven’t discovered my abilities as a healer yet.”

I’ve heard this from coaching clients so many times over the last twenty-seven years! If you feel this way, too, I want you to know I’m here to help you activate your unique healing potential.

I believe everyone has unique healing abilities, not just a chosen few. It’s been my passion for many years to ignite a fire in people who have a desire to help humanity. One of the biggest misconceptions I notice is that people think their personal healing gifts should look like someone else’s when they’re overlooking unique super powers of their very own.

The time has come to get clear & discover your own meaningful career path in the healing arts. I have an email tutorial series for you that will help you achieve clarity on how to move forward on the path of service.

You can learn about the many different types of healers there are and where you fit in along with next action steps. How will you know which path of service is right for you? Now you have the guidance of an experienced practitioner to coach you through this free, self-paced  e-course. Ready to get started? Sign up here

Are you:

  • The Self Healer

  • The “At Home” Healer

  • The Professional Healer

Maybe you find yourself in some of one category and a little bit of another? Discover on your own, checkin with Evangeline with questions.

My purpose is to help every individual find their unique abilities and path of service. Join me inside the tutorial series and we will end our mini-course with an opportunity to have a 1:1 consult with me. Let’s make the upcoming year the best one for you yet!

Are you ready for a deep dive into energy healing and intuitive development?

My Next Level Healer online mentoring program is ready for you! This program includes an immersion in six modules of in-depth training.

“Evangeline’s Next Level Healer course is truly a sacred container holding a wealth of information to assist others in their own intuitive development and healing. It has been created in a way that puts YOU in change of finding, activating and enhancing your own skills. The program teaches, provides the tools and empowers YOU on how to live more fully in your truth & heal what no longer serves you.

Evangeline is a bright light that shines. guides and holds loving space as you go deeper into this work on yourself. Such a blessing & gift to have all the wisdom that is shared in The Next Level Healer course.

Thank you, Evangeline!”

-Tracy B 

Discover your unique healing gifts

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