Feeling Good is FREE! 12 Free Ways To Feel Better Right Now

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How To Access Your Inner Healing Resources Without Spending A Dime

What if you already have everything you need to feel better? Just…what if? How would life be different if you came equipped with the resources necessary to take care of yourself instead of always having to rely on outside sources for your own well-being?

You already possess valuable tools that can help you feel better and they’re accessible to you whenever you need them. Right here in this moment, you have the power to enhance the way you feel. Feeling good is subjective to each individual’s personal experience. For one person, feeling good might mean having less pain, for another individual it may mean attaining greater levels of energy or optimum success in sports. Another person may desire more mental clarity or emotional peace in order to feel “good”. Only you can decide what that word means for you and what is your personal best at this time.

I’m here to put you in the driver’s seat of your own self care plan and remind you about what you’ve already got in this moment.

In a world of consumerism, it’s so easy to feel like we’re missing something when the reality is we already have what we need to make a positive change.

True peace comes from realizing that we don’t have to grasp for the next shiny object to make us feel better (because it won’t, anyway). It’s time for us to step out of our lack and “have-not mentality” in order to move into true abundance thinking. There’s nothing you to have buy and no one you have to pay in order to feel better.

What you DO have to contribute to the process is your own effort and time, if you want to be effective at feeling good.
Time is one of our most valuable resources. Even though we’re all born with our own unique circumstances and limitations, we’re all gifted with the same amount of hours in each day. When you tap into how truly precious each second of your time is, things in your life start to get better. Why? Because understanding the value of your time creates a mindset of prosperity and abundance. The investment you must make in order to feel better is to pour your own effort into the process and watch your life change.

I’m in the business of feeling good. I make my living helping others feel better. I notice that individuals who realize that they themselves are their own source of well-being tend to skyrocket to the next level of health and effectiveness. On the flip side, those who feel like someone else is in charge of how they feel tend to stay disempowered, in physical and financial distress.

I’ve noticed that feeling good results from an accumulation of many small actions.
Destructive habits and unhealthy choices accumulate over time and we create these cumulative effects ourselves. I call this the healthy or unhealthy snowball effect. One healthy or destructive choice leads to another.

My passion is teaching people how to take better care of themselves by gaining momentum through small, positive actions. Sometimes a healthy change can feel too out of reach if we lose sight of the gifts we have right in front of us. The little things we do each day make a big impact on our bodies and minds.

So enough already with limited thinking that keeps us disempowered about our potential to feel good! It’s time to lift ourselves out of destructive thought loops that focus on lack and poverty. These limiting thoughts have been handed to us from generations past.
Examples of impoverished thinking include, “There’s not enough time”, “I can’t make any friends”, or “It costs too much money to be healthy”.
These beliefs aren’t our own, we’ve inherited them and we don’t have to keep them. I often say, don’t believe everything you think!

Here’s a little dose of truth for you, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be your own best healer.
If you practice the 12 free self care steps in this article, you’ll improve your physical, mental, emotional and…that’s right…financial health, too.

Let’s Start Feeling Better Right Now…


Breathing is the number one action you can take to feel better. Any kind of breathing practice gets a thumbs up from me. Breath is the bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. Breathing properly is a big deal and when it’s done correctly, it enhances everything. I’m a huge fan of proper breathing because I’ve experienced the benefits firsthand. I’m in awe of the simplicity of the greatest healing tool around. This astounding healing remedy is readily available for all of us.

Is there a better way to breathe?

My tai chi teacher always told me, “Your nose is for breathing and your mouth is for eating.” Apparently he was right because the research is in and nose breathing wins!
There are, of course, many different kinds of breathing techniques that all have their own merits. But right now we are going to get more refined with our breathing techniques so that we can make the most of how we feel.

Here’s some research on the benefits of nose breathing.
Nose Breathing Supports:
*Weight Loss. “In a study published in the British Medical Journal, researchers investigated where the fat goes when one loses weight and, as it turns out, we don’t burn it off, we breathe it out!”
*Lymphatic Health. Nose breathing “acts as a pump to..support healthy and active lymph flow”

*Spinal Health. “nose breathing is critical for flexibility and elasticity of the spine, head, neck and low back.”
*Stress Relief. “Nose breathing exercise reported 50% less flight or fight stress and 50% more calm parasympathetic activation when compared to mouth breathing.”
*Brain Function. “Nose breathing exercise increased brain wave coherence…associated with calm and organized brain function.”
*Workout Recovery. “Huffing and puffing during a workout are due to inefficient breathing and poor CO2 removal”
*Meditation. “Nose breathing exercise increased alpha brain wave activity compared to mouth breathing…aplha brain waves are produces during relaxation or meditative states” writes Dr. John Douillard, DC, CAP in his article, 10 Breathing Exercises to Restore Mind-Body Balance.


You don’t have to take an intimidating exercise class or buy a bunch of equipment to give your body what it wants. Just move and keep it simple!

No matter what mobility limitations you may have, when you hear the story of Ilchi Lee, the author of Brain Wave Vibration: Getting Back Into The Rythm of a Happy, Healthy Life, you’ll be inspired to move! He came up with this amazing healing technique because he could only move his head from side to side after an accident.

Take an example from Mr. Lee and move your body gently and creatively to refresh and recharge yourself. He didn’t let the fact that he was paralyzed stand in the way of his own healing. Now, that’s a powerful example of being your own healer!

Don’t let your mind distract you from moving your body. Try simple stretches and movements while your doing your daily activities. Put on some music that you enjoy and just MOVE!

There are so many different types of exercise out there. Find the kind of exercise that you enjoy. You don’t have to do workouts that feel burdensome. The whole point is to have fun and enjoy taking care of your body.

Remember, bodies in motion tend to stay in motion. Don’t overcomplicate it, just shake it.


Being outside is totally free and enjoyable. It’s so therapeutic to take in fresh air, sunshine, grounding and negative ions.
Try to give yourself the free gift of one “green hour” per day.
Have you heard about the new trend of Forest Bathing? The therapeutic benefits of being in the woods is nothing new but now celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow are extolling the benefits of walking in the woods. Whenever you feel down and need a quick pick-me-up, step out into the sunshine and notice how easily your energy can shift.


Cultivating self awareness means paying attention to how you feel and why you feel that way. Many of us run around so busy that we don’t take the time do an internal check in of how we actually feel in any given moment. Once a day, take an internal check in/assessment of how you feel.

Here’s an awareness check list:

What kinds of images do you look at during a typical day?
What kinds of words are you used to hearing during the course of a normal day?
How much of other people’s thoughts do you consume on a daily basis through social media, radio, television, co-workers, friends, etc.?
Remember, it’s totally free to be selective about the thoughts and emotions of others that you let into your mind.

What kind of people do you hang out with on a regular basis and how do they make you feel?
Become aware of who is around you. The five people you hang around the most affect how you feel and act.
What kind of information are you constantly feeding yourself? Does your mental “food” come from books, podcasts, phone, Netflix, radio, television, social media, etc.?
Are you consuming mentally nutritious topics on a regular basis or more mental junk food?
Your mind is totally yours and you get to control what goes into it. Just like what goes in your mouth affects how you feel, being selective and going for mentally nutritious thoughts yields big results in your state of mind.
Remember, it’s totally FREE to be selective with what you intake through your five senses. It costs nothing to turn the television or radio off.


Here’s a great exercise you can do anytime you want to nourish your senses.
You can treat yourself to a sensory journey. It feels so luxurious and fun to do this exercise and best of all, it costs nothing.

  1. 1)-Visually take in colors and artwork that appeal to you, giving your eyes a gift.
  2. 2)-Listen to a piece of music that delights you, focusing completely on the sensations of sound. One song can shift your entire state of being and it’s free to listen.
  3. 3)-Feel the texture of a soft fabric or the smooth leaf of a plant; explore the sensation of an object that comforts you such as a cozy blanket, fur or your favorite sweater.
  4. 4)-Smell a fragrance you enjoy. Be creative with finding a natural scent you already have at your disposal such as a flower, herb, fruit or spice from your kitchen.
  5. 5)-Enjoy the sensation of taste by finding something in nature that is safe to experience such as a snowflake, honeysuckle or an herb like rosemary. Experience the sensory pleasure of taste for pleasure’s sake only, rather than merely tasting while you eat to satisfy hunger.

Whether it’s our physical living spaces, our minds, bodies, offices or even our cars, clearing our spaces helps us feel better. Limiting time with toxic people and eliminating processed chemicals from our diet are also free ways to feel better. It doesn’t cost anything to eliminate the unhealthy stuff. Let go of anything that is weighing you down and holding you back. Whether it’s clutter, junk food or negative people, lighten your load and see how much better you feel.
Our spaces reflects our inner state of being. If you’ve got more time than money, use that time wisely and make room for greatness by clearing out what doesn’t serve you.


Most people know what they don’t want in their experience, but few take the time to set a clear intention for what they DO want. Sometimes this is the scariest part of growth: committing to what we truly want.
Think about how you want to feel and what actions you are willing to take to achieve measurable results. An affirmation is not a denial of your present circumstances; it’s a seed you’re planting for the future. This is where affirmations and goal setting become valuable free tools. Writing down your goals and affirmations is an effective way to create positive change in your life. There’s great power in taking the action to write down a goal. Try it and see. What do you have to lose?


At any given moment, check in with yourself about the current thoughts you entertain. Are you spending time with productive or destructive thoughts? Set an alarm on your phone to alert you at random times throughout the day and keep a journal close by. Record your typical daily thoughts for one week and notice what patterns come up in your thinking and who you spend the majority of your time with inside your head. This was a very revealing exercise for me. I was shocked to realize all the people I hang out with in my head who are not the most upbuilding and joyful company. I do this free exercise often and now I keep a thought journal where I enter six entries a day, based on the recommendations in the book, The Diamond Cutter by Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally.


The words that come out of our mouths are important. We can focus on speaking upbuilding and encouraging words or we can allow ourselves to speak damaging words that break us down. The words we use have a great impact on our physical bodies as well as those around us who hear them. Choose your words carefully to speak life and build yourself and others up. It’s totally free to be encouraging with words and more importantly, words have their own vibration so we are constantly raising or lowering our vibration with each word we choose.


Self energy healing costs nothing and is easy to do. The only hard part about self energy work is quieting ourselves down and allowing the time it takes to practice awareness. Applying energy healing techniques to our own body can be as simple as focusing on areas of pain and discomfort, placing our hands over those areas and sending love to those body parts. Take the time to practice this free, easy self healing technique and notice what happens.


The therapeutic value of spending quiet time alone, with no distractions, is so overlooked. Try to spend at least five minutes a day with no other person within three feet of your body. This allows you to actually feel your own energy field when it’s not merging with the thoughts, emotions and energy patterns of others.


Some of the health benefits of smiling and laughing include: better mood, lower blood pressure, erduced stress, better relationships, stronger immune system, lower levels of pain and longer life. I went to a laughter workshop one time and it was such an interesting experience. At first, we were all awkard since no one knew each other. As we mimicked the laughing noises the workshop leader made, eventually we were all cracking up with genuine belly laughs. There’s no reason not to take advantage of this free healing resource even if you have to fake it when you first begin. Get creative and see how many different kinds of laughing sounds you can make and watch how you naturally begin to experience a true laugh!

Now I want to hear from you. Is it easy for you to remember how many free ways you have to make yourself feel better or do you fall into a poverty and lack mindset, like I do sometimes? I know I need to be constantly reminded of all my blessings. We can always re-direct our minds toward all the beneficial resources we have available at any moment. What’s your favorite free feel good tip I’ve mentioned here or do you have another one to share?

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