Flowers Heal Emotions

flower healing with Evangeline Hemrick

Explore the healing power of flowers.

Flowers soothe the emotional body.

Think about it. Flowers have been used for centuries to lift someone’s spirits when they’re sad, bring comfort to the grieving and celebrate joyful milestones in life. But flowers are actually healing allies and most people do not know how powerful they are when they show up in our lives.

When I think of my Dad’s funeral, I think of white orchids. I remember the first flower my husband gave me on our first date and I think of tuberose when I remember our wedding. Humans have always instinctively known that flowers support emotional well-being. Now, we have more of an understanding about how these powerful plant spirits tend and soothe our emotional bodies.

Our emotional body is also known as the second level of the human energy field. You can connect spiritually to a flower without ingesting it. There are several empowering ways to spiritually connect with a plant.

How to make a spiritual connection with a plant:
Simply sit in meditation with the plant near you
Place the physical representation of the plant on your altar
Take the essence of a plant before you meditate
Participate in a guided shamanic plant journey meditation.

Ready to connect deeper with flowers and the plant kingdom? Enjoy this free guided meditation plant spirit journey! Plant Spirit Meditation

Flower Essence Therapy
Flower therapy Evangeline Hemrick

Flower Essences: Energy Work in a Bottle

“The subject of Flower Essences has many people confused. Some think it is a perfume or fragrance of a flower that they taste when they take it, others think it is old fashioned flower water. Neither is true…
Flower essences were originally discovered more than a hundred years ago by English doctor and homeopath, Dr. Edward Bach. He used them to heal himself and the culmination of his work was the creation of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies.
The definition of a Flower Essence is when the vibrational energy of a flower is captured in pure spring water during morning sunlight, or sometimes in moonlight. The water becomes a carrier of the flowers’ energy. Flower Essences cleanse the psycho toxins of negativity out of our spiritual metabolism, reestablishing resonance with our inner voice.”-Debbie Delany, Romany Botanicals

Making a homemade flower essence should be a fun, empowering activity to support your journey into herbs traditionally used for self-care and ritual. Flower essences are strengtheners of our own soul forces, enabling us to learn and grow from life’s challenges. They are not a quick fix. Flowers are wonderful plant allies, inviting us on a transformative journey, and can be our guides along the way.

Flower Power Medicine Wheel


Flower Power Class: Flower Mandala/Medicine Wheel Prayer Art

It all started with a unique idea: combine my healing work with flowers with the centering prayer practice of the Medicine Wheel.
My friend Evie suggested we teach a class on the spiritual healing powers of flowers and she could send out a flower mandala kit from her company Lihmil Inc. Flowers & Supplies
and that’s exactly what happened. Beautiful people began infusing their prayers into sacred medicine wheel creations and prayer mandalas everywhere!
These unique creations of prayer, ritual, beauty and intention have manifested out of the first ever FLOWER POWER CLASS and they are truly delightful!
Check out my instagram page @evangelinehemrick to see the beautiful medicine wheels the students created. Reach out to me to register for our next Flower Mandala class! You can take the class from anywhere, anytime. The course will be offered on Zoom on Thursday evening, August 4th. If you are interested in attending and we will ship you your very own carefully selected flower kit. You will also have access to the replay at your convenience.

Register Now for My Shamanic Mentoring Program: Expanding Sacred

          Finally, there’s much more training available to you if you are ready to go deeper and connect even more with flowers. Also, this course will give you a foundational practice in shamanic journey techniques, crystal healing, animal totems and so much more. We work with the sacred medicine wheel as a metaphor for balanced, healthy living in right relationship with nature. Once you purchase the course, you have ongoing access to the content and community for continued support.

Expanding Sacred Course includes:

Experiential learning 

Weekly supportive live zoom classes 

Private coaching community 

Guided meditations

Audio and video tutorials 

In-depth printable handouts. 

Register for Expanding Sacred

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Resources and suggested reading: 
Plant Spirit Medicine by, Pam Montgomery
Plant Spirit Healingby, Eliot Cowan
Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing by, Gurudas Bach Flower Therapy by, Mechtchild Scheffer


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