How to Transform Uncertainty into Creativity

Evangeline Hemrick dowsing with pendulum

All emotions are simply energy. Energy is neither good or bad, it’s just pure creative potential. We are the ones that assign labels of positive or negative to the emotions in our bodies.

With the world experiencing collective uncertainty, it’s a good time to be creative and try new things. This collective re-set is an opportunity to assess what’s working in our lives and businesses and what’s not. What areas of your life are you ready to transform? This is energy work in it’s simplest form: transmuting emotions to make them work for you.

“The future is yours, do something about it!”-Raymon Grace

Raymon Grace taught me that fear can be transformed, along with every other emotion. Take an assessment of what emotions you hold habitually, as your default setting. Becoming aware of the frequencies we hold out of habit it the first step to transforming our energy into effectiveness and power.

In this episode, I share the mistakes I’ve made in self-publishing my first book and producing two podcasts. As I continue to balance productivity with creative flow, I hope what I’ve learned so far helps you share your gifts with the world.

Want to know why I felt drawn to write a book and figure out how to do a podcast? Here’s the interview that explains why I’m so passionate about helping healers: Interview with Evangeline: My Journey as a Healer

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