Plant Medicine for the Skin with Laurel Shaffer


Seed to Bottle, Farm to Face: Slow Skincare with Laurel Shaffer

The first time I experienced Laurel Skincare Products during a facial treatment, I was blown away and wanted to learn more. As an energetically sensitive plant person, I could feel the high vibration and quality of the products. It was like the products were alive and interacting with me. Since becoming a licensed esthetician in 1998, I have had a passion to help people heal skin problems. Over the years, my excitement for the skincare industry has waned because I couldn’t get excited about unhealthy chemical treatments.

Holistic Entrepreneurs

Laurel Shaffer has reignited my passion for skincare and made me remember why I became an esthetician in the first place. I sought her out for this interview because I wanted to know her healing story. Laurel is the founder, formulator, plant communicator, loving heart and driving force behind this revolutionary skin care line. We discuss her transition from a career as a sommelier to formulating her own products as a skin specific herbalist.

“I believe love is the most powerful healing tool available.”-Laurel Shaffer

Laurel shares my passion for building supportive community by educating and empowering estheticians. Gregory Cartwright introduced me to Laurel and her skincare line and I am so grateful. Greg educates his clients on the healing power of using plants as medicine. Check out my interview with Gregory to learn more: The Next Level Healer with Gregory Cartwright

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