5 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Thoughts

Upgrade your thoughts with mindfulness by Evangeline Hemrick

What I Learned from Raymon Grace: How to upgrade your thoughts

I spent the last two weekends studying mindset techniques, energy healing and dowsing from a very interesting fellow named Raymon Grace. I sought him out to deepen my understanding of how to change my mental programs and beliefs to accelerate healing. Reprogramming mental patterns to assist the mind/body healing connection is something I have been fascinated with since 1996. That was the year I was introduced to the work of Louise L. Hay. Since then, I’ve put in twenty-three years of focused mindset and it feels like I’ve made some good changes in my mental programming, but there’s more work to be done. Raymon’s workshop revealed a missing piece to the puzzle of why it’s taking me so long to clean up my thoughts. My time learning with Raymon Grace is by no means over. I think I could sit with him in every workshop he offers and uncover more ‘aha moments.’ Here are a few takeaways from these recent weekends of learning. I’m excited to share 5 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Thoughts, and shift your mindset to create positive outcomes.

“Energy follows thought.” -Albert Einstein

The Healing Power of a Focused Mind

Bernie Siegel once said, “An affirmation is not a denial of your present circumstances but rather a seed you are planting for the future.” This makes sense to me because you can’t plant a seed and expect a mighty oak tree to happen overnight. Our minds are like gardens that will readily accept positive thoughts as quality seeds. We then have to cultivate and weed our minds daily. I have been patiently working in the garden of my mind for two decades. Now I think I might have found the next level of evolving our thoughts: achieving the optimal brainwave state before introducing a new thought pattern (like tilling soil before planting seeds).

The time I have spent with Raymon Grace has been worth more than gold. I respect his authenticity, transparency and freedom. He is unapologetically himself, which is rare and refreshing in the world of self-help and metaphysics. At the beginning of the workshop, he spoke of how programmable humans are during the first seven years of life. We are highly susceptible to suggested beliefs during those formative years because our brains are in a lower brainwave state known as Alpha. If you want to know more about various brainwave states and how to get the most of out of them, here’s a great resource from Scientific American. As we get older, we have to use techniques to access the Alpha brainwave state. This explains why our affirmations and goal setting techniques may not seem to work as well sometimes. We have to take action to create a receptive brain state that will accept new information and upgrade our programming.

Use Alpha Brainwave State to Plant a New Thought Pattern

1-Look UP.  Tap into universal intelligence and access Alpha brain state by simply looking up.

I used to do this when I was a kid and I didn’t know why. Think about the placement of billboards or the location of the pulpit in church. We are more easily programmed when we are looking up, so take advantage of this and program yourself with messages of health, prosperity, love, happiness and success. Strategically place healing affirmations and goals where you will look up to read them. Write your goal and place it over a door frame you walk through frequently or on the sun visor in your car, for example.

2-Employ all five senses to achieve Alpha brain state. Visualize something you know well and imagine all five senses engaging with that object.

During class, Raymon Grace gave the example of visualizing a watermelon. This exercise is easy to do. Just imagine holding a watermelon and what the texture and weight feels like in your hand. Now cut the watermelon and look at the layers of color and the colors of the seeds. Take a bite of the watermelon and think of what it tastes like. Listen to the sound of chewing the watermelon and smell it as you take a bite. You have just accessed Alpha brain state. Now you are ready to plant better thoughts into your subconscious mind. Your affirmations, goals and visualizations will have more impact from this state.

3-Train your brain how to think by catching negative or destructive thought patterns as they come up.

Raymon Grace said he visualizes having a bucket of red paint he uses to paint a red X over an undesirable thought as he eliminates it. He said this next step is crucial: after removing the negative thought, do something that makes you feel good immediately. Give yourself a new thought pattern by having a pleasurable experience such as petting your dog or smelling a flower. It is very important to do something that makes you feel good immediately after you eliminate the destructive thought pattern.

4-Never speak with ownership about an illness, dis-ease or physical pain.

For instance, never refer to a headache as “my headache” because the body responds to this and assigns possession to the pain. Once you access Alpha state, affirm that your body deserves love, health, prosperity and fun.

5-Visualize and recreate the past to give your body a new memory of a traumatic incident.

If you can do this exercise out loud with a partner, you can make a new memory that is more powerful for your body. Visualize a moment in your past that you would like to change. Mentally project yourself back in time to the moment before the incident happened. Imagine taking action to do what you wish you could have done. The scenario you create does not have to be realistic, it can be fantasy. You may have a sword or magical powers, whatever you like. Just make the visualization as vivid and detailed as possible to create the outcome you desire in that situation. When you engage in creating this new memory with someone you trust and enjoy, the two of you have created a scene that your body believes to be true, In this way, you have traveled time and changed the past. The more you revisit this story with your friend, the more real the memory becomes to every cell in your body. This technique is an example of how creative visualization creates a healing outcome.

“Wherever you put your thoughts, you put your energy. The universe conforms to your belief system. You have the ability to transform energy with your intent. You have a choice in what you put up with and what you don’t. Think of what you want, not what you don’t want. Thoughts determine your decisions, decisions determine actions, actions determine your future.” -Raymon Grace

You have the ability to create the future you want by monitoring your thoughts.

Try these simple techniques and let me know what works for you. Every one of us has a unique creative style. Tap into the form of mental focus that works best for you. The only way to learn your most effective reprogramming style is to try as many techniques as you can, and see what works. Remember that you have the ability to create the future with your thoughts. I highly recommend taking a workshop with Raymon Grace. The techniques I’m sharing with you do not even scratch the surface of what we covered in the class.

Check out Raymon’s workshop schedule here. I highly recommend his books, online courses and workshops. His methods are practical and effective — and his techniques work.

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