Interview with Austin: My Son’s Healing Story


Learning from the Young Ones: My Interview with Austin

Austin’s healing story and my connection with this child is no accident. We were meant to be together. I never dreamed a child would come into my life and rock my world. The process of adopting Austin has been the most unexpected blessing in my life.

This wise soul has been through a lot and he shares his helpful perspective on trauma and loss. Austin wrote his first motivational speech in sixth grade. He’s chaplain of his private school, leading the middle school in prayer. Since Austin has overcome so many challenges, he’s already a spiritual leader.

Austin teaches me every day and we are blessed to learn from each other. I share our journey in this episode.

In this interview, my twelve year-old and I discuss:

*How Austin overcame kidney disease

*What it was like for Austin when I came into his life at seven years old

*Being raised to think for yourself

*Being true to yourself and protecting your own mind amidst group thinking

*Why nutrition is important, even thought it’s hard

This episode is a little piece of my heart. Thank you for listening to my interview with Austin and letting him share his healing story with you. I hope it inspires you!


2 comments on “Interview with Austin: My Son’s Healing Story

  1. What an amazing interview with a young man wise beyond his years. Austin, you have blessed my morning by sharing your story and views. Your mom has given you a huge gift by encouraging you to think for yourself about faith and what you believe in. I especially love that you stand firm on global warming even though it can be tough when your friends don’t think the same things as you do. You are choosing to believe from your experiences and intuition and not just because someone told you to think or feel a certain way. Also, it was a great reminder to me of not mirroring someone else’s energy. I have never thought of that before. I look forward to hearing more from you. Stay strong young man…You represent your generation well.

    • Thank you so much for listening to this special moment, Monica! I read your comment to Austin and he loved it. 🙂 He said thank you for the encouragement! I love you dearly!

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