Plant Spirit Meditation

Evangeline Hemrick Plant Spirit Journey

Enjoy this plant spirit medicine meditation from my new online retreat/training course in modern shamanic practices.

Do you have a healing ally in the plant kingdom? Check out this powerful shamanic journey and connect with the plant kingdom. Find out what special plant is ready to assist you on your path of healing.

This guided meditation will give you a tiny taste of what my online retreat is like. I hope you enjoy this gift!

If you like this meditation, you will find many more shamanic journeys in my course, Expanding Sacred. Shamanic journeys are meditations that connect you to every kingdom of nature. In this course, you can go at your own pace and explore:

*Crystals and gemstones

*Power animals and totems

*Making flower essences and gemstone essences

*Stars and planetary cycles 

*Ancestral healing 

*Working with the medicine wheel and the four directions 

*Sacred ceremony, shamanic ritual and seasonal shifts 

*Living a life in harmony with nature 

*Healing our relationships 

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