Resilience & Creative Revolution with Annelies Gentile


Resilience in the fires of change: now is the time for a creative revolution!

In this uncertain time of chaos, author and coach Annelies Gentile discusses finding resources and resilience in the fires of change. Join us for this podcast interview as we focus on creating a revolution out of the chaos with hearts and minds wide open.

Annelies Gentile is a process artist, visionary and coach who helps professionals take bold, brave action for an inspired life. She is a trusted guide for executive and entrepreneur leaders. Annelies is the founder of Conduit for Change, LLC.

Annelies is the author of From Chaos to Calm, Leading Change From the Inside Out.

“Creativity resides at the edge of chaos. When we don’t have enough conditions of change, we stagnate. With just enough change and chaos, a creative revolution can happen. I truly believe we are at the foothold of that revolution. It’s going to take more open eyes, open hearts and open minds to facilitate what comes next. We have to hold each other up through collaboration.” -Annelies Gentile

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