7 Things You Need to Know About Energy Healing

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Thinking about receiving energy work? Here’s 7 things you need to know about energy healing.

I was offering remote energy healing sessions to my clients before the global lock down began, but more people are requesting energy work than ever before. My clients are becoming more empowered, fully in the driver’s seat of their own healing experience. It’s interesting to observe positive changes in energy awareness despite the global circumstances. Remote sessions are partially like a how-to class while therapeutic and relaxing at the same time.

How to get the most out of your session

Many people are curious about energy healing sessions and meditation right now. We have time to empower ourselves with knowledge and self-care right now. The goal of my work is to educate people about their own energy fields so they can be in charge of their well-being. Here are seven action steps that will enhance your healing sessions and raise your vibration.

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Amplify the benefits of energy work with these 7 action steps:

  1. Choose your practitioner wisely. Not all energy healers are the same. For a list of things I look for in a healer, check out my article and make sure your practitioner is the real deal: How to Identify a True Healer 
  2. Do your part to raise your vibration. Bring the highest version of yourself to the session. Time and attention are needed to prepare for your treatment. Come well fed and rested to your session. Make a point to eat high vibrational foods with lots of life force energy on the days leading up to your session. Not sure what foods raise your vibration? Keep a journal and observe how you feel after you eat. By consistently observing how you feel, you can find the foods that support your energy. Tracking how foods affect your overall mood and energy level will provide far more benefits than one healing session can.
  3. Avoid substances that lower your vibration for at least twenty-four hours before your session. Once again, this requires you taking control and being aware of how substances make you feel. Only you will know how much caffeine or sugar you can consume before it starts to mess with your energy. Avoid alcohol and drugs for at least twenty-four hours before receiving energy work. This recommendation is to strengthen your energy field and protect you spiritually and physically during the session.
  4. Wear natural fibers to become more energetically sensitive. Natural fibers have a higher vibration than synthetics. In Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book, The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life Part 1, he discusses how synthetic fabrics block our natural energy flow. Wear comfortable, loose fabrics such as organic cotton, silk, hemp, bamboo, denim and wool.
  5. Let go of any expectations of what is supposed to happen during the session. Say a prayer or set an intention for specific healing and resolution and then release the outcomes. I can honestly say that intuitive healing sessions never go the way I “think” they will go. I am constantly learning while the client is experiencing their own healing journey. Our bodies and energy fields are exquisitely intelligent. Miracles can happen when we hold space for deep shifts and get out of our own way.
  6. Prepare for your session by working on deep breathing techniques (such as pranayama, yoga or tai chi style breathing) so you have full access to your breath during the session. Remember that breath is the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. If you want to have more access to your energy body and a stronger spiritual connection, your breath is the fastest way to get there.
  7. Practicing meditation will also enhance your sensitivity to energy work. The more you meditate, the more you can access higher brainwave states. Being able to reach alpha and theta brainwave states enhances the experience of being on the treatment table. Developing a strong connection to your high sense perception and healing team, or spirit guides, is possible through meditation and/or energy healing. These two practices compliment each other beautifully. Once method is not a pre-requisite for the other, they each enhance your intuition. I became a better meditator because I received so much energy work. I received energy healing regularly because I had so many deep wounds and traumas that needed to be addressed.

More suggestions for a wonderful energy healing experience

Energy healing practitioners are trained in different techniques and can have certifications in many modalities. When you are vetting healing practitioners, find out if they are hands-on healers. Some practitioners do not touch the body but only work in the energetic field.  Many healers work within three to four feet of your physical body or only work remotely. Ask the healing professional if you will be lying on a treatment table and if you will remain clothed for the session. This is typically how energy healing is performed, unless you are also receiving massage therapy.

Use energy healing to strengthen your own intuition

There is no wrong way to do energy work, but there is the matter of clarity and safety. You don’t have to be in person with someone to experience a powerful energetic shift. The practitioner must be healthy themselves and hold a high vibration along with professional credentials and training. If you are receiving a remote session from a healer, I suggest asking for referrals. Keep in mind there are as many shady light workers as there are any other kinds of practitioners who lack integrity. Go with your heart and gut and the right practitioner will find you. I wish you safe and happy healing sessions as you “tune in” to your own energy field.

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