How to Make Death More Sacred and Less Scary: Creativity & Healing with Bonnie Hitchcock


When we explore the link between creativity and healing, death becomes more sacred and less scary.

Join me for a deep conversation with my friend, potter, art teacher and healer Bonnie Hitchcock. We explore how creativity is the most basic form of healing. We have the power to transform our experiences of death into something beautiful. Exploring creativity also brings us closer to the ones we love. Those who learn to die well enjoy life more. This is the story of how playing in the clay can bring people closer to themselves, closer each other and deal with difficult transition.

“Creativity connects us to our soul.”-Bonnie Hitchcock

Show Notes:

*Art therapy is like energy healing and bodywork sessions because it’s all about the soul’s connection to creativity. In these moments, we are transported to what’s real.

*How a seemingly simple arts and crafts project can bring a family together

*Find your inner five year old: why playing and remembering how to be creative is important to our health

*How to get over your fear of art and why it’s scary to be creative

*Journey Boxes: a healing piece to help us transition through death; a connection to the other side

*How to die well and make death a beautiful experience

*Transmuting the collective fear around death

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