Create Your Own Ceremony: Grow Community for Positive Change


Kick start positive change-create your own ceremony and ritual. Create a container for your intention.

Carrie Hamilton of XO Wellness talks with me about utilizing ceremony to harness our intention. Want to make a shift? There’s no quicker way than to put action steps behind your intention with sacred ritual.

We recorded this episode immediately after connecting with our friend group for a Spring Equinox Ceremony. We had planned to get together and celebrate the arrival of spring like we do, then quarantine hit. So we got resourceful, planned a Zoom call and went along with the plan. We came away from our time with our friends so encouraged that we wanted to share some tips with you. You can make your own special rituals and ceremonies to harness your intentions.

*There’s no wrong way to do ceremony and ritual. Just bring your authentic heart and be real.

*You do not have to appropriate any indigenous culture or custom to have an effective ritual. Be creative and remember how powerful you are.

*Start with time to catch up and share.

*Bring an offering for reciprocity. An offering of your breath can be a sacred gift.

*It might feel scary to be vulnerable and open in a sacred way when it comes to sharing and that’s OK. Ceremony connects human beings like nothing else and provides us a chance to let our guards down and take our masks off. There’s nothing to prove or hide in a sacred container of prayer and ritual.

Check out my article on The Importance of Ceremony and Ritual. I hope you empower yourself to BE the change we all need right now!


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