How to Be Empowered and Intuitive with FOOD-Julie Wilson Gordon


Julie Wilson Gordon teaches how to eat intuitively and tune in to our bodies. We discuss food as energy and sacred medicine. Join us for a timely discussion about healing our relationship with food and building our immune systems like never before.

Learn how to FEEL what to eat instead of taking an intellectual approach to nutrition. When it comes to the dilemma of what to eat, this excerpt from Machelle Small Wright’s book sums up the message of this interview-balance, awareness and respect.

“Everyone’s balance is different. And everyone’s balance changes as one goes through different stages. Not only is there no one, hard set of rules that can totally achieve physical balance for any group of people, there’s no one hard set of rules for any one person. We simply have to approach this whole area of physical balance with intelligence, discovery and flexibility.

The life cycle of a plant wasn’t ended at the harvest but continued through the preparation and eating process until the plant life became an integral part of the human life cycle.
We must understand that the animal kingdom, as well as the plant and mineral kingdom, is a willing participant in the physical life process of man. Our insensitivity to this has broken many of the bonds between men and the animal kingdom regarding this issue. The health and balance of the Earth depends on humans functioning as fully spiritualized beings. Once we understand the relationship between humans, plants, animals and minerals, we can develop processes that reflect and enhance this understanding. We must remember that the life process doesn’t end with the “harvest.” There is no death-only transition.” Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered by Machelle Small Wright

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