Protect Your Mind, Heart and Soul: Navigating Social Media with Energy Awareness

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Now is the time to take back your mind and use your emotions as a powerful energy source.

Your thoughts and emotions are an energy resource. Are you using your energy to make your life better? Is someone else harnessing your energy and using it against you?  Many of you know I took a long break from social media in order to get clear on if it’s really possible to use social media platforms in a healthy manner.

Social media is a lot like money, it is simply energy that can be used for evil and destruction or it can be used as a force for positive change. In this podcast episode, we discuss strategies to “take care of your light” as the Hawaiians say.

“Malama Pono”-means “take good care of yourself” or “protect your light” in Hawaiian.

The easiest and quickest way we can take better care of ourselves is to stop allowing suggestions of violence and oppression to penetrate our subconscious through “entertainment”, which is really mind control. It’s a tough pill to swallow that everything we have been fed as entertainment has been a slow drip of conditioning to trauma and violence. And why are we ok with watching oppression and violence? Most of us start to become sensitized to programming on movies, TV shows and commercials the more we meditate and expand our consciousness. If you haven’t already woke up to protect your mind from these manipulative forces, today is the day!

It’s easier to talk about shifting energy than it is to actually do it. This short podcast is a casual chat about the reality of how to transmute energy with resources to help you get started.

Links and Resources:

Raymon Grace’s Online Course for Dowsing and Working with Pendulums:

Deep Work by, Cal Newport

Power vs. Force by, David Hawkins

Human Design with Day Luna

Gabor Mate

Echkart Tolle 

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